{Book List} 4th Grade Read Alouds

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I love reading aloud to my kids and they would probably tell you that being read to is one of their favorite pastimes.  I also enjoying creating fun read aloud lists of books that we can all look forward to. I’m so excited about the books I’ll share with Curly this upcoming school year!

However, for the first time in our homeschool journey, I’ll be choosing a few books from this list that Curly and I will both read independently and then discuss. I’m finding that I won’t have time to make it through this entire read aloud list (while also reading to the other kids). So I’ve decided that Curly will enjoy some of the books from this list as independent reads this school year. 


I think my favorite books from this year are The Phantom Tollbooth and Where the Mountain Meets the Moon. Love these books!

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Have you read any of these? Do you have a favorite from this list? 

6 thoughts on “{Book List} 4th Grade Read Alouds

  1. You’ve got to try the measle series by Ian Oglivy.
    Measle and the Wrathmonk is the first book. Depending on the publisher, Measle and the Dragadon is the 2nd book. Measle and the Mallokee is the 3rd. Measle and the Slitherghoul is the 4th. Measle and the Doompit is the final book.
    My 4th graders Love this series!

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