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Have you ever tried an outsourced homeschool class?
They are awesome for several reasons. You can read some of my reasons right here on why I enjoy outsourcing a little bit of our homeschooling.
We’ve outsourced by using some online classes for our oldest, Curly. I have plans to use some more online classes for our next school year. S
he loved her online class experience and I loved sharing my teaching load with another teacher who came into my home via a web conference.

That teacher never knew that I was chasing toddlers while wearing my pj’s. It was just perfect!

So, if you, like me, would like to lighten your teaching burden just a little bit, here are some online class options to investigate. (Some of these are geared more toward high school kids, but I like to keep them in mind for later years).

Bridgeway Academy


Athena’s Advanced Academy

Virtual Homeschool Group

The Potter’s School

Wilson Hill

Well-Trained Mind Academy

Classical Academic Press

Veritas Press

Memoria Press


Derek Owens

Lone Pine Classical 

Red Wagon Tutorials

Liberty University Online 



Homeschool Spanish Academy  

Great Books Academy

Freedom Project Education

Logos Press

Heritage History


AIM Academy

Art of Problem Solving

Center for Lit

Blue Tent Online

Tablet Class Math 

Wilson Hill

Excelsior Classes

Mr. D Math


The Academy at Bright Ideas Press


No, this is not an exhaustive list. And no, I don’t have experience with all of these various options. This is just a list for myself as I research for the future!  

If you have experience with any of these providers please share with me! And of course, if you have any online course providers to add to my list leave a comment.


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