My Blog Break and a Little Update on Us

So I took a little bit of a blogging break this summer and at the start of this school year. I somehow thought that I would be able to seamlessly jump back into blogging after moving several states away from our previous home in Texas. Well, I was very, very wrong!

The move was exhausting and I’ve been busy trying to settle in to our new state. The kids have been involved in several activities from golf to American Heritage Girls and Trail Life to AWANA to a homeschool co-op. It has been a crazy time of attempting to find a new routine and a new “normal” for our family while making new friends and trying not to get lost on the way to the grocery store.

However, we are doing very well in our new state. We are loving the beautiful fall colors and the cooler days. We have found a new school routine (after many changes to our schedule and even our curriculum). We are adjusting and enjoying new experiences.

That’s a short update on us and here’s a quick video update.

And here are some fun family pictures!

 I flew to Indiana to close on our house and to spend a day meeting with contractors. We had a little bit of work done before we moved in – hello wood floors and new fridge! 
 We bought a new house which is affectionately dubbed “The Pumpkin.” It is so very orange! 

 Here are the kids on the first night in our new house. They enjoy the comfy chairs in our new basement. Never had a basement before!

 We spent most of our summer on the golf course where Curly, Tiger, and Bee all learned to play golf. It is their new favorite hobby. 

 The little munchkins are my helpers and drive around in the cart with me hunting for golf balls that are lost among the trees. 

 We got some new bikes and Bee learned to ride without training wheels. After living in the Texas hill country they appreciate some flat ground to ride on!

 The kids did some training with a swim coach in preparation to join a swim team next summer. Swimming is one of their favorite things.

 And I set up our new basement homeschool room which is just about perfect!

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