{Book List} Story of the World Volume 4 – Chapter Books

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I made a picture book list to correspond to Volume 4 of Story of the World for my 1st and 2nd graders who will be joining us for history time. However, I also have a 4th grader to think about. She will love all the wonderful picture books but she will want some reading of her own. I created a much shorter book list of chapter books and more advanced readers for her. There is not a book for every chapter because I know that some books might take her more than 1 week to read. So this is not a comprehensive list by any means but these few chapter books will be a great addition to our history year. 

Story of the World Volume 4 Chapter Book List


Calico Bush (chapter 7)
Secret of the Andes (chapter 10)
The Irish Dresser (chapter 12)
A Single Shard (chapter 15)
Rachel’s Journal (chapter 16)
Water Buffalo Days (chapter 19)
Who Was Gandhi? (chapter 22)
Twenty and Ten (chapter 29)
Candy Bomber (chapter 31)
The Apothecary (chapter 35)
Shooting Kabul (chapter 38)


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5 thoughts on “{Book List} Story of the World Volume 4 – Chapter Books

  1. Thank you. This will be very helpful. Some of the books are familiar but others are not, and I think my kids will enjoy many of them

  2. This is a great list! How was Story of the World Volume 4 with a first grader? This year I have a 4th grader and a 1st grader. The past several years we have used Story of the World Volume 1-3. This year I was looking at doing Volume 4 but when I called the company they said it would not be appropriate for a 1st grader. I’ve considered taking a year off and maybe doing a year of Early American History with Masterbooks. Do you have any recommendations?

    1. We tried it. I don’t think my younger ones got much out of it. We have switched to Masterbooks America’s Story and that was a better fit for my kids. So, I think you might want to consider America’s Story. We completed one book per semester since there isn’t a ton of reading. And we added a few extra books. Or you could easily finish one book in a year and add lots of extra literature. We’re bookworms here!

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