{Back to Homeschool} Our First Day of Homeschool

We decided to start our homeschool a little early this summer so that we can have some extra time off this fall. Our first day was July 27th and overall we had a great day!

We did not add in science, history, or Latin that first week. However, we worked on language arts, math, Spanish, read alouds, and Bible.

Enjoy a photo tour of our first day!

Here are a few things that I learned on this first day of school. 

  • Warm chocolate milk is necessary for my kids early in the morning. 
  • Foam blocks are the perfect (and quiet) preschool toy.
  • Chocolate cake is a wonderful breakfast food. 
  • Mandatory treadmill time is amazing! Truly amazing! My kids had such increased focus after their exercise time.
  • All children must have their own personal notebook to feel like part of our “school.”
  • It is amazing that Curly is a great reader and can listen to both Bee and Tiger sound out words while I work with someone else. 
  • We can now all do work at the same time around our homeschool table. This saves so much time!
  • Homeschooling in pj’s is the absolute best!

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