Why We Read Every Day

Is reading a big part of your homeschool?

I feel it’s one of the most important aspects of our day!

At our house we try to read with our kids every single day. It’s one of our favorite activities. Sometimes the kids curl up with us while we read, and other times they play nearby as they listen.

I think it’s the most important part of our day for many reasons. Here’s just a short list of why we continually make time for reading:

What does reading do for our kids?

Builds relationships
Our reading time together is just one of many ways that we build a relationship with our kids and spend quality time with them.

Expands imagination
Through wonderful stories, our kids can explore new ideas and fuel their creativity and imaginations.

Exposes us to language and vocabulary
The act of reading aloud exposes my kids to well written works with beautiful language and new vocabulary words.

Colors their view of the world around them
My kids are able to explore other cultures and ideas through literature which helps them develop perspective.

Makes them think
Reading is an active activity (as opposed to a passive activity like watching television). When we read, my kids have to think about the stories, picture the events, and stay engaged.

Enhances their memory
As we read through a chapter each day, my kids remember the plot line, the characters, and the many settings.

Calms them
Some days are a little wild at our house and there is nothing more relaxing and calming than reading together, especially before bed time. It’s the perfect way to unwind after a busy day.

Improves their focus and concentration
Through reading longer books, my kids have increased their ability to focus as they follow along with the story.

Opens the door to conversations
So many of our wonderfully deep and insightful conversations have begun after our reading time as a direct result of the story that we have read.

Allows mom and dad to read too
I am not able to read as much as I would like because my time is limited, but by reading to the kids, we both get time to read and explore books that are new to us.

Enables us to give our kids quality time and attention
Our kids enjoy the closeness that is shared during reading time and they enjoy having mom and dad’s attention fixed on them as we read and then discuss the book.

Passes on our values
Through our book choices, we are able to pass down our values and morals to our children, using stories to illustrate character traits that we esteem.

Develops an appreciation for art
Many children’s books have beautiful pictures which allows my kids to appreciate the art work and it exposes them to many art styles and mediums.

Encourages kids to become readers
Our kids see us reading to them and they are encouraged to read on their own because they have discovered the incredible world of stories and want to be able to enjoy books independently.

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