{Guest Post} Favorite Books of the School Year ~ Candace

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While I’m moving and getting settled in our new state of Indiana, I asked some of my wonderful friends to share their favorite books of the school year with me. Enjoy the lists and hopefully they will provide inspiration for summer reading or for book choices for the upcoming homeschool year.

This book list is from Candace…

Candace is my friend I met at an art museum. We were both there during a homeschool art day and we were each corralling our own herd of children. Watching her I realized that we both had 5 children and our kids were very similar in age. I introduced myself and that’s when we discovered we had quite a few things in common. Both of our husbands hold PhD’s in different fields and we do have 5 children each (and they are all very close in age). After that we became good friends. Their family often joined ours for wild and crazy game nights with a house full of 10 children running and playing.

Candace recently moved to Texas from Virginia and is expecting baby number 6. She has a very full school house in her homeschool. This school year her family focused on reading through several book series.

Here are her favorite book choices of the year:

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone
We loved how funny Fred and George Weasley are, and we loved quid ditch and a world where magic is real!

Where the Red Fern Grows
The dogs were our favorite as well as the fact that the boy did everything with them himself.

Chronicles of Narnia
We love Aslan and how he knows everything and can always fix it. And we love the magic.

The Hardy Boys
We love figuring the mystery out ourselves.

The Wizard of Oz
We love how the silly scarecrow thinks!

The Little House on the Prairie Series – especially Farmer Boy and The Long Winter
We loved when Pa walked into Almanzo’s cabin and just started filling a pot with the hidden wheat!

Peter Pan
We love the imagination and magic!

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