{Curriculum} 1st Grade

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Bee is moving on up into 1st grade this school year. She will soon be an independent reader and she’s ready to start participating in more subjects with us.


Bible Study Guide for All Ages Beginner

God’s Names
We’ll read this book together and discuss the different aspects of God’s character.


Right Start B and C
We’ll keep working in Level B and move into C when she’s ready.

Math Mammoth 1B
I’ll print pages from this program for practice and we may go ahead and move into Math Mammoth 2.

Language Arts

Phonics Road 1
This will be her first year to do spelling so we will slowly work on this program together.


All About Spelling 1
We might use this program instead of Phonics Road and see how she does with spelling.

All About Reading 2
She will be ready to move up in her reading program and keep practicing.

Even Moor Daily Language 1
This will be great review for grammar skills.

Writing with Ease 1
This will have copy work and reading comprehension with narration.

First Language Lessons 1
We will start learning some basic grammar with this book.

{Summer} Vocabulit




We will read poetry together to start each morning.

The Rooster Crows
It’s Raining Pigs and Noodles


Lollipop Logic 3
Logic Safari Book 1
Mind Benders Beginning Book 2
Math Analogies Book 1
Analogies for Beginners


Typing Instructor for Kids


Salsa Spanish
She will watch episodes of Salsa at lunch time to practice some basic Spanish vocabulary.

Song School Spanish
She will work on this program with Tiger to start learning Spanish.


Story of the World Volume 4
She’ll participate in history time with us and will read picture books about each topic.


Evan Moor Daily Geography Level 1


Apologia Land Animals
She’ll listen in as I read this aloud to Curly.

Nancy Larson 1
She and Tiger will do this program together.


Artistic Pursuits


Piano Lessons

I’ll also create a list of readers and read alouds for her school year.

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  1. Thank you for this list. I have a child of the same age (UK year 2 is the same as first grade). The Writing with Ease is particularly interesting as I'm not quite sure what we will use for writing yet.

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