{Review} Wink

We had the chance to review a new game in our house. We received a copy of the game Wink from Blue Orange Games

This game is a fun party game for up to 8 players and is suggested for ages 8 and older. 

The game comes with small playing pieces in a variety of colors, cards in matching colors, accuse cards, and two decks of colorful cards with various faces on them.

Each player chooses his or her color and then selects the matching color game piece and colored card.
One deck of the face cards is laid out in a grid.
The other deck is dealt to the players (with a certain number of cards per person based on the number of people playing the game).

To play the game, a player picks up his colored playing piece and puts it on one of the face cards on the grid and then calls out the number of that card. Sometime during that round the player who is holding the matching face card in his or her hand is supposed to secretly wink at the other player. During the round each person must carefully watch the other players to see who winks at him or her and is consequently the secret partner for that round.
If a persons suspects another player of winking at someone during the round, he or she can use the accuse card and accuse that player of winking.

The object of the game is to collect the face cards.
At the end of each round, the players announce who they think was their secret partner or partners during that round. If they are correct and name the person who was winking at them, each of those players get a face card (one player keeps the card that was in his or her hand and the other player gets to pick up the face card from the grid).
If a player wrongly names a person as a partner, the true partner gets to keep the card in his or her hand as well as pick up the face card from the grid.
If a player correctly accuses another player of winking during the round, that person collects both matching face cards.

What did we think?

Well, not all of my children are the recommended age level for this game so I knew that there would be a learning curve when we started playing. And yes, it is more fun to play with slightly older kids because they understand the concept of the game much better. So I do agree with the recommended age range.

However, we had a blast playing this game with our little people. It was absolutely hilarious to watch them try to wink at each other in secret. And of course, they giggled uncontrollably when they discovered who their secret partner was for that round.

Secretive? Sly? Stealthy? None of these words describe my children. Therefore, my husband and I spent much of the game laughing at our poor little people who were not great at winking or keeping their partner’s identity secret. One day they’ll have it down.

Overall, we loved the game and my kids ask to play it often. After a few rounds, my kids were understanding the concept of the game much better and were able to play more competitively.

This game is a blast to play and resulted in much laughter at our house. It’s one that we will be playing for years to come!

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