Homeschooling and Moving

In case you missed the announcement, the folks here at Lextin Academy are moving. We are moving to a new location several states away. Today the packers arrive to throw all of our stuff into boxes. Tomorrow the moving truck will arrive and the loading will begin. By the weekend, the contents of our house and our family will be on the road headed to our new state.

Can I just say that moving is stressful? Oh my goodness. There is just so much to do. 

Also, trying to purchase a house and coordinate all the details from hundreds of miles away is quite a job. So many phone calls and emails!

When you add your regular homeschool stuff into the mess of trying to clean, organize, declutter, pack, buy a house, and move……you go a little bit crazy. Or maybe a lot crazy. I think today I’m a lot crazy. I’ve reached my limit!

So, how do you homeschool and move?

One simple answer is that you don’t have to do both.

Your sanity will thank you for taking a short break during the moving process and focusing on all the details of the move. 

However, what if you really need to finish your school year before you move? Ok, maybe it’s not really a “need,” but you very much want to be done with school before you move so that you can enjoy your summer and not worry about all the things that were left unfinished.

Well, if you are a lovely Type A individual like myself, you can’t live with yourself if you leave piles of unfinished work. And that book with the bookmark near the end? It must be completed too.

Here’s what I did to help us finish our homeschool year during the moving process.

  • First, I talked with the kids and told them what was on the horizon and I explained that our school must be finished. In other words, we might double up on some days and we might do some school on weekends. But if we worked together diligently we could finish. I gave them a pep talk of sorts!
  • Next, I sorted through all the school books and packed everything that was already finished and cleared out all the clutter in our school room. If it wasn’t necessary, it found a new home in a large moving box.
  • I went through all of our books and subjects and found the ones that were closest to completion. We focused on those first. As we finished them, I put them in the box.
  • As the move date got closer, I put all that was left of our school work into portable file boxes. Then I packed everything else.
  • Each day, I opened the file boxes and we could do school. This also allowed us to take school with us if we needed to leave the house for showings or if we had errands to run. And as a bonus, those books are already packed and ready to throw in the car or truck when the movers arrive. They also don’t accidentally get thrown in another box or lost in the midst of the mess.

So, my sanity savers are these plastic file boxes that I cart around the house as we try to finish our school year. Without them I would have lost all of the last few books that we are reading. Seeing that small stack of work in each box motivates me to finish. I can see the finish line! Almost there!!

We are moving and we didn’t completely stop our homeschooling. We are able to squeeze in school work in between the phone calls, decluttering sessions, and packing days. Yes, it is possible to do some homeschooling in the midst of a move. 

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