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While I’m moving and getting settled in our new state of Indiana, I asked some of my wonderful friends – all Texas homeschool moms – to share their favorite books of the school year with me. Enjoy the lists and hopefully they will provide inspiration for summer reading or for book choices for the upcoming homeschool year.

I have followed my friend Kristen from Oklahoma to Texas. We met when our husband’s both worked at the same firm in Oklahoma. They were transferred to Texas and we were transferred to the same town soon after. They now live in a town about an hour after both of our husband’s were transferred yet again. So, we’ve been friends through several moves. 

Kirstin is my creative friend who is a naturalist and is all-knowing in the field of science. She has one daughter, Lilly, who is 9 and is a very good friend of our oldest, Curly. Kristen loves to sew and teach ballet and she has an amazing butterfly garden with lots of butterflies and other creatures. Because Kristen has a love for nature, she decided to teach my children how to safely capture bugs and other critters. A few days later my children were very successful and brought a small anole into our house. This inspired my new slogan of, “Nature stays outside!” Thanks for that Kristen!

Kristen has homeschooled since the beginning and her favorite aspect of homeschool is that she can teach her daughter to explore the world around her while also teaching compassion, kindness, and friendship.

Here is her Top 10 List of favorite books from this school year:

Dragons and an epic of good and evil

Wheel of Time
Lots of strong women characters

Little Women
Character building and kindness

Dragon Rider
Kid relatable

How to Train Your Dragon
Nice morals and funny!

King of the Wind
Nice story line

Courage to be yourself

Where the Mountain Meets the Moon
Beautifully written

All laminated field guides
Fun for hours!

The Cat Who Went to Heaven

You can view and purchase her daughter Lilly’s artwork at this Etsy site. Proceeds go to help Lilly purchase a violin and part of the proceeds go to a bird rescue program. 

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