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While I’m moving and getting settled in our new state of Indiana, I asked some of my wonderful friends to share their favorite books of the school year with me. Enjoy the lists and hopefully they will provide inspiration for summer reading or for book choices for the upcoming homeschool year.

This book list is from my friend Allison in Texas. We have a funny story about how we first met….

I knew Allison’s sister-in-law who lived in our neighborhood. I actually met her at the pool – I introduced myself because I just had a feeling that she might be a homeschool mom. I was totally right!
After we met she then gave my blog to her sister-in-law, Allison because she also homeschooled.
One day while my family was enjoying a field trip to our local children’s museum, another mom walked up to me and asked me if I was Lexi from Lextin Academy. She recognized me from my blog! After that we enjoyed several late night trips to get frozen yogurt and chat about all things homeschool and parenting.

Allison is a kindred spirit in that she loves to research (especially curriculum) but she’s a realist who loves to continue learning herself. She’s a fellow curriculum junkie! When we get together we love to share our latest research finds.

More about Allison: She’s a homeschool mommy to 3 little boys ages 7, 4, and almost 2. Her family has homeschooled from the beginning because they felt it was God’s calling for their family. She enjoys the opportunity to homeschool because she is able to learn alongside her children and they have the free time to explore their personal interests. She also loves to exercise, which I’ll admit makes me feel guilty about my hatred of all things exercise…..but her dedication encourages me to force myself to hit the treadmill in the evening.

Here is Allison’s List of Top 10 books of the year:

Journey by Aaron Becker
This wordless book was possibly our favorite this year. Each creatively illustrated scene fostered much discussion and imaginative story telling from my boys. It reminded me of a more grown up version of Harold and the Purple Crayon.

The Biggest Bear by Lynd Ward
We have read this book many times this year. The boys laugh and laugh when the bear gets into much mischief and makes lots of messes (can you imagine that?!). If you are uncomfortable broaching the topics of hurting, guns, or death, you may want to skip this one. It does have a happy ending though.

Night of the Moonjellies by Mark Shasha
This is not a type book that my boys usually love. it was on our Five in a Row book list and we ended up reading it over and over. I’m not sure if it was the bright colors and detailed pictures or the engaging, comforting story line, but the boys would always sit still while I read it. It had a soothing effect on them. The relationship between the little boy and his grandmother is very sweet.

The Troublemaker by Lauren Castillo
Pirate adventures, a mischief maker, and a trusty stuffed raccoon make this book a favorite with my guys.

The Story about Ping by Marjorie Flack and Kurt Wiese
Another book from our Five in a Row book list, The Story about Ping, holds the boys’ attention because of its detailed description of Ping the duck’s adventures – oh and probably the fact that the last duck on the boat always gets a little spank on the back. They can’t wait for me to get to those parts!

The Boxcar Children by Gertrude Chandler Warner
My oldest son was in first grade this year and it seemed like this book appeared on most first grade book lists, so we gave it a go. Even now, at age seven, he doesn’t particularly like to sit through read alouds so it’s a wind for me when we find something that holds his attention.

Welcome to the Bed and Biscuit by Joan Carris and Noah Z. Jones
This is another of my oldest son’s favorites this year. I think it’s because I was able to read the whole book to him while he had the flu. He had no energy for anything other than lying on the couch, so he paid attention the whole time and kept asking me to “please read one more chapter.”

Paddle to the Sea by Holling C. Holling
This book tracks the journey of a carved Indian figure in a canoe, from the Nipigon country in Canada to the Atlantic Ocean. We loved the artwork and the detailed descriptions of the Indian’s journey. It was also a fantastic geography lesson.

Frog and Toad series by Arnold Lobel
My first grader enjoyed this series so much that he read each of the four books twice. He probably would have read them exclusively if I had not pressed him to try other readers as well. The adventures that Frog and Toad have together are a hit in our home.

I Spy Christmas: A Book of Picture Riddles by Jean Marzollo
While this is not a story book, it helped my seven year old want to read because he needed to know what to search for in the book. My boys are obsessed with all things Christmas, so for us it was a great tool to help with literacy.

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