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Ok people, I have a 4th grader now. This is getting serious. We will soon hit middle school. And here we are, just homeschooling along and doing very well (at least she’s doing well, I’m not always quite sure how I’m doing).

I’ve been trying not to have a panic attack while I plan her curriculum for next year. I sometimes succeed.

Anyway, I think I know what I’m going to use with her. Here’s what I have so far:


Bible Study Guide for All Ages Intermediate
We do this program as a family in the afternoons.

Classical Academic Press Old Testament 2
We used the first volume last year and loved it. Curly has such a deep understanding of many of the Bible stories now and we had some great discussions.

{Summer} Apologia What We Believe Series – Who is God?
We read one of these books each summer together. So, this is on the schedule for summer 2016.


Right Start Level E and Fractions
We are almost finished with all of the Right Start levels! Exciting!

Math Mammoth 4
I’ll print off pages for extra practice and reinforcement.

Beast Academy 4
This is our fun math that we work on together. Or sometimes we call dad to help us because we are both confused. It’s been good to puzzle through the problems together.

Language Arts

Phonics Road 3
We’ll finish the second half of this program (which we started last year).


All About Spelling
We might work on this program and work up through Level 3 and see if that helps Curly visualize the spelling words. I’m discovering that she’s a visual learner.

First Language Lessons 4
We are on the last level of this program! I love the diagramming in these books but I’m not sure Curly would agree.

Classical Academic Press’ Writing and Rhetoric – Narrative I
We used the first book, Fable, last year and it was a good intro to writing skills. We’ll use this in the fall.

Treasured Conversations
We’ll add this program in the spring to learn outlining skills.

Evan Moor Daily Language 4
Curly works on one page a day with me as a way to review grammar skills.

{Summer} G.U.M. Drops
We work through one of these books each summer to brush up on our grammar skills.

{Summer} Vocabulit
A simple and fun workbook to learn some new vocabulary.


My kids work on these books independently to practice their handwriting skills. Curly is still working on her cursive.


Each year we read a few poetry books together. Here’s our list:

Pizza, Pigs, and Poetry
Falling Up
Once I Laughed My Socks Off
In a Pickle


Curly does a few logic books independently each year as well.

Connections Intermediate
Logic Liftoff
One Hour Mysteries
Thinking Through Analogies


Typing Instructor
Curly will continue to practice typing with this program as well as by typing out some of her assignments.


Easy Spanish Step by Step and Advanced Spanish Step by Step
We’ll work on those books together to continue to learn new Spanish words and vocabulary.

Song School Latin I
This is the year that I plan to start a study of Latin with Curly. We’ll start off slow and easy with this program and just enjoy our first exposure to Latin.


Story of the World Volume 4
My 3 oldest kids will read through this with me as well as lots of additional pictures books for each chapter.

Veritas Self-Paced 1815-Present
This was a last minute decision. But when I saw that the program was half-price it was too good to pass up. We enjoyed using Explorers-1815 last year. This might end up being our main curriculum with readings from Story of the World and other books as a supplement. I ordered the timeline cards and the teacher’s manual too!

{Summer} Notgrass American the Beautiful Part 2
We are reading through the first book this summer and plan to read the second part next summer.


Evan Moor Daily Geography 4
I still cannot find a geography curriculum that we enjoy so we do these daily for practice. 


Apologia Land Animals
We’ll read through this together in the fall.

Real Science 4 Kids Astronomy
Curly has asked to study astronomy so I have this planned for spring and summer.


Master Books General Science and Astronomy
I’m still debating which resource we’ll use for science for Curly. We might try this one for something new for her astronomy study.

Nancy Larson 1
Curly will help me co-teach this program to her younger siblings and I’ll have some advanced reading for her to do on each topic.


Artistic Pursuits
We plan to do a few are projects throughout the year or over the summer.


Piano Lessons

I’ll also be making a list of readers and read alouds for Curly for the year. I plan to assign a few books that she will read independently to discuss with me.

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