{Curriculum} 2nd Grade

Tiger will be in 2nd grade! He is starting to read fairly well and is taking off in math. He’s also discovered that he enjoys history, but his favorite part of school is our read aloud time. He could listen to books for hours!

I’ve been busy planning a new school year for him and here’s what I have so far:


Bible Study Guide for All Ages – Intermediate
He will help Curly on her intermediate pages and follow along with her.


We Choose Virtues Cards
I hope to pick a new virtue to reinforce on a monthly basis.


Right Start C
Tiger will continue in this level and if he finishes before the end of the year I might move him right into Level D. He loves math!

Math Mammoth 2
He will do some pages from this level to practice math concepts.

Beast Academy 3
Tiger will start working on Beast Academy as he gets close to finishing Right Start Level C. I think he will love this program with the colorful comics and the challenging problems. He enjoys puzzling through math problems.

Language Arts

Phonics Road 2
I’m still debating about spelling but I think we will continue with this program for another year. He will work on this level and we’ll see how he progresses.


All About Spelling 1 and part of 2
We might switch to this program for the year and see how much progress we see.

All About Reading 3
I hope to finish Level 2 over the summer and move him in to Level 3. It might take more than 1 school year to complete this level but that’s ok. He is slowly working on his reading skills and is making significant progress thanks to this program.

Evan Moor Daily Language Grade 2
This is easy daily review of grammar concepts and is somewhat independent.

Writing with Ease 2
Tiger did very well with the first level of this program and actually loved the short reading passages. I’m hoping that he continues to do well narrating sentences to me, and the extra copy work in the program will be an added bonus.

First Language Lessons 2
Tiger will be moving into the second level of this program as well. I love this program – short lessons and most can be done orally in this level.

{Summer} Vocabulit Grade 3
We’ll use this over the summer to focus on some new vocabulary words.


Tiger will work on his cursive with a Pentime book.


A Poke in the I
Read Aloud Rhymes for the Very Young
Be Glad Your Nose is On Your Face


Logic Safari Book 2
Detective Club
Primarily Logic
Primarily Thinking
Mind Benders Book 3
Connections Introductory


Typing Instructor for Kids
Tiger works on this program independently while I work with his siblings.


Song School Spanish
I plan to start working on Spanish with Tiger and we’ll begin by learning the songs in this program. I plan to include Bee (1st grade) as well.


Story of the World Volume 4
Tiger will listen in to history with his older sister Curly. I will have him narrate a few sentences from each section of our reading.

Veritas Press 1815-Present
I purchased this online program for Curly but I will have Tiger listening in as well. He will read the books recommended from the program with us and learn the timeline song.


Evan Moor Daily Geography Level 2
We’ll continue to work on map skills with this program that he can do partially independently. I have yet to find a geography program that we enjoy.


Apologia Science – Land Animals
Tiger will listen in as I read this book to his older sister and I plan for him to narrate from each section.

Nancy Larson Science 1
This will be our main program and he will work on this level with his younger sister, Bee. I love how I won’t have to do any prep work!


Artistic Pursuits K-3

Atelier Art Level 2


Piano lessons hopefully. Maybe guitar lessons instead. Depends on the teacher that we find….

And of course we will have lots of fun read alouds for our year!

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