A Glimpse of Things to Come

The other morning I had a beautiful glimpse of things to come (or at least the things I hope will be happening someday).

It was a typical homeschool morning. I was sitting at our table with Curly (3rd grade) while we worked through our morning school time.

Suddenly I heard a door open and a very sleepy Bee (Kindergarten) appeared with crazy bed-head hair. She stumbled to the table and mumbled some things at me. I suggested she go downstairs and get some milk and then come join us. A few minutes later she trotted upstairs and sat down in her chair with a cup of milk. Without a word she opened her handwriting book and started on the next page.

With Mozart playing in the background and essential oils diffusing away, I continued school with Curly while Bee happily practiced writing “A’s” in cursive.

As I was finishing school with Curly another door opened suddenly. Out came Tiger (1st grade) with two blankets and one pretend rifle in tow. He walked right past me without a word and flopped into a bean bag chair like a limp rag. Then he pulled the blankets up over his face as I tried to tell him good morning.

Three children were all awake at the same time and in the school room. Curly was done with school earlier than usual and I had visions of getting ahead for the day.

I prodded Tiger up to the table and gave him his handwriting booklet and a pencil. He wrapped himself in blankets and started on his cursive. I also explained his math page to him so he could work on that next.

I gave Curly instructions for her independent work and she started right in on her Bible and math.

Then I pulled my chair around next to Bee and began her school work.

A few minutes later I glanced up to see Curly busily working on her science review page while Tiger used the abacus to finish his math problems. Little Bee was sitting next to me reading a book aloud as she followed along with her finger.

This was the homeschool I had always envisioned. Morning sun streamed through the window and a Mozart sonata was playing in the background. My 3 oldest children were all sitting in their individual places around the table as I walked around to each and helped them with their school work. Everyone was cheerfully and quietly working together.

Bliss! I hope this is a glimpse of things to come!


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2 thoughts on “A Glimpse of Things to Come

    1. I used two table tops from IKEA and bolted them together. I arranged 4 banks of drawers and placed the table tops on them. I think the drawers are called Alex drawers. I love them because they are smaller at the top and the bottom drawers are larger. I can place all of our school books and even notebooks in them.

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