Dear Vendor – What a Homeschool Mom Wants From You

After being a vendor at a local homeschool convention (and attending a few conventions on my own), I have found a few things that I look for as a homeschool mom attendee. There are several ways a vendor can help a homeschool mom as she’s looking for products for her homeschool.

Dear Vendor,
As a homeschool mom at a convention, I have a specific set of needs. I’m searching for exactly what my homeschool needs and sometimes I don’t quite know what that is. I can use a little help from you, which is why I’m here. There are a few things that you can do to make a positive impression on me.

Do set up your booth to where you are out in front of your table or at least to where you are standing in your booth. I like to see that someone is ready and available to talk to me. It also feels more comfortable to talk with someone who is standing next to me rather than someone who is sitting down behind a table in front of me.

Do choose to send a rep from your company but also recruit some local homeschool moms. I enjoy talking to the rep when I have specific questions but what I love most, is talking with other moms who use the product. Their answers help me the most because I can see how this product would work in my own homeschool after hearing their personal experiences.

Do have a colorful banner or two that outlines exactly what your product is, the subject or subjects it covers, and the target age range. I’m often looking for a specific subject or grade range. I appreciate being able to easily identify what products you offer as I walk past. The visuals also help me remember your booth.

Do have a one-page colorful flyer that outlines the key features of your program. On my first day of every convention, I walk past all the booths and collect literature. Then I take it back to my room and sort through it and make a stack of booths to visit a second time based on the information I collected. I don’t want a bulky catalog or a complicated sales pitch, I want a brief overview so I can determine if I want to return to the booth.

Do feel free to step out and hand me your literature and even give me a 60-second outline of your product. I do appreciate the reps you send and the fact that they are enthusiastic and willing to help me. Often this very brief interaction leaves a positive impression on me and I make a note to come back to that booth when I’m ready for my shopping time.

I’ve been thankful for the vendors who have taken time to be at a convention and answer my long list of questions. I appreciate when they are mindful of my needs and I’m always pleasantly surprised when I find wonderful new products to enhance our homeschool.

3 thoughts on “Dear Vendor – What a Homeschool Mom Wants From You

  1. As a homeschooling mom/elearning developer turned new business owner (, THANK YOU for these tips. Since I've attended these conventions as a homeschool mom, I share all of your sentiments. It's so helpful, though, to have them clearly outlined. And you've convinced me to include the grade level of our program on the banner, even though we may "limit" our audience.

  2. You're welcome. I listed things that I know help me. The vendor hall is so overwhelming and there are a few things vendors could do to help a tired homeschool momma out!

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