{Book Review} What’s a Foster Family?

A blogger friend recently wrote a book about foster families and asked me to be one of the reviewers. I was excited to be asked to be part of her new endeavor. Several of our closest friends are foster parents, so I knew I would enjoy reading a book to help explain the concept of a foster family to my kids. 

What’s a Foster Family? by Anne Garboczi Evans explains what it means to be a foster family. It is written about a family with one young son who decides to become a foster family. In the book, a little boy is added to their family for a short while before he returns home to his mom. Later, a baby girl joins the family.

This book begins with the parents sitting down with their son and announcing that they are becoming a foster family. They explain the new changes with saying that they old crib needs to be put back together and that there will be new kids to play with.

The book addresses the issue of sharing toys, feeling jealous, and feeling insecure on the part of the biological child. The young boy in the story struggles to share his parents with another child but when he understands that the child is feeling sad and missing his biological mom the little boy changes his mind and decides he can share his parents.

In the story, the first little foster boy returns home to his biological mom and the book discusses the feelings of sadness that he is leaving. The parents explain the situation by reminding their son about the time a friend spent the night but then had to return home to his parents.

This book is written to very young children and uses terms such as “tummy mommy” to talk about biological parents. I feel it does a good job of addressing the feelings of jealousy and rivalry that children might feel toward each other in a foster situation. The book also discusses the feelings of sadness and hurt when a foster child leaves. I feel that these are important issues to address with children who are part of a foster family because these changes are often part of the fostering process.

Overall, I feel the book does a good job of explaining the fostering process to a small child with just enough detail for him or her to understand. While the simple story does a good job addressing the feelings and the process of being a foster family, I didn’t enjoy the illustrations as well as I did the story. The people in the drawings are not very realistic. They are very brightly colored, unnatural, and very 2-dimensional looking. I felt the story would have been better served by more realistic looking illustrations in colors that were toned down to a more natural color.

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Meet the author:

Anne Garboczi Evans is a mental health counselor, military spouse, author, and mama to an opinionated little toddler named “JoeJoe.”Anne and her husband are getting licensed as foster parents in Colorado, so soon their house will be exploding with little voices, little feet, and diapers, diapers everywhere.

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