Why We’re Good Together

So, my hubby and I have been married for almost 12 years. That sounds like a scary long time. It’s been 12 wonderful and often crazy years. When we married we were both in college and I had no idea where our paths would lead. My husband has since finished his masters degree and a PhD. He’s worked for several companies and we’ve moved 7 times and to 2 different cities. We’ve had 5 wonderful children. There have been times of sickness, sadness, stress, joy, excitement, and pure fun. We’re just good together.

When we first got married we went through 3 sets of pre-marital counseling sessions. Yes, you read that right. 3!

First, my grandfather wanted to provide counseling because he was the pastor who would marry us. Then the pastor of the church that we attended wanted to counsel us as well. Next, my childhood pastor mentioned that he would love to talk with us. It seemed like everyone was a little concerned about us. Maybe it was our age or the fact that we hadn’t known each other long. But whatever the reason, everyone wanted a piece of our pre-marital counseling.

During all of these sessions we learned something that we had already figured out for ourselves. We are total opposites. Yet, seeing our personalities graphed out on a personality test was a little shocking. The pastor even made the comment that he’d never counseled a couple that was quite so opposite. According to that paper, we didn’t even have the behaviors typical of people with those certain personalities and our personality types truly defied all the gender stereotypes. This marriage thing was going to be interesting but we still knew that God brought us together and we were just good together.

The other night I had a moment when I was reminded of just how good we are together-even in the small things. It made me thankful.

I was trying to get ready for bed after an extremely long day in the middle of a very stressful week. I was standing at my bathroom counter with my pink toothbrush in hand. I picked up the toothpaste and started to squeeze some on to my toothbrush. Nothing would come out. I squeezed harder and then harder and then harder. By this point I was making grunting sounds as I tried to force the toothpaste out. Finally I turned to my hubby with tears in my eyes and said, “I’m so tired I can’t even get the toothpaste out! Puhlease help me!”

He smiled calmly, patted my head, and took the toothpaste tube. He then unscrewed the cap and peeled back the seal and then put the cap back on. He smiled and handed the now opened tube of toothpaste back to me.

I laughed so hard that I began to cry hysterically. He stood next to me brushing his teeth calmly. He never said a word. With a huge smile he pushed me toward the bed and turned off the light.

It’s a little amazing to me that over the years we can practically read each others’ minds. Many times words aren’t even needed. When one of us has a problem the other one has a completely different perspective and a creative solution. We are so completely opposite.

However, opposites do attract. We are just good together. 

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