What People Must Think About Us Homeschoolers

So, we’ve had a super fun problem at our house lately. We’ve had a major ant infestation. Everywhere I look in my master bathroom there are ants. I’m about to move into one of the kids’ rooms to get away from them. I’m blaming the next door neighbors and the new pool that they put in their backyard. Every ant that had a home in their now-demolished backyard is currently in my bathroom.

I’ve been doing everything to get rid of these little pests. I finally had a company come out and spray our house. I scheduled them for their next available appointment which was nearly a week later. It was a long time to wait!

The day arrived for the “bug guy” to come to our house and I made sure that I was somewhat dressed and that a few of the kids had clothes on. Half of them may have been in pj’s though…….

I explained our problem to the man and showed him our scary bathroom. He was very serious the whole time and told me I had a huge problem. But I was having a huge problem taking this man seriously. Every inch of him was covered in soot except for his eyes and forehead. I kept expecting him to break into Chim Chim Cher-ee from Mary Poppins. And in fact, he had been cleaning chimneys that morning.

As he worked, he chatted with me about the kids and the house. Then he asked about my husband and what he did. I mentioned that he had just graduated and immediately he glanced up at me and said, “From highschool?” I was still having a hard time taking him seriously on account of the Mary Poppins thing, so I had to take a deep breath before answering. I wasn’t quite sure if he was serious. I responded that my husband had finished graduate school. He congratulated me which I thought was very fitting since I had to endure the five years of doctoral studies along with my husband.

Then we went outside to check the yard. The kids were all playing outside because I had sent them out the house while the man worked. They had set up beach towels and soccer goals into some type of fort and were digging in the yard while using magnifying glasses to study the dirt. The man stood for a long time staring at them trying to figure out what they were doing. The kids stopped working and Curly yelled to the man, “I’m a meteorologist studying the clouds, Tiger is a geologist studying rocks, and Bee is a botanist studying the grass! I’m sorry we can’t talk but we are busy doing research now!”

My little chimney sweep/bug guy was incredulous. Finally he looked at me and smiled and said, “Well, you have a group of scientists here! They will be just like your husband!”

Giggle……apparently a graduate degree means that my hubby is a scientist and my kids will follow in his footsteps. (For the record, my husband’s degree is in financial planning, and while he does do research, it doesn’t qualify him as a scientist).

I’m sitting here watching ants curl up and die in my bathroom and wondering what on earth that man thought of our family. I’m thankful my kids kept the craziness to a minimum during his visit but I’d still like to know what is running through his mind after he left our outdoor laboratory.

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4 thoughts on “What People Must Think About Us Homeschoolers

  1. Lexi this is awesome. First, if I had seen the guy I probably would have started singing Chum Chim Cher-ee under my breath without realizing. Second, the high school comment was crazy. I mean at least guess college. LOL Third, it shows your kids are learning a lot because they can name a type of scientist and know what that type studies. Good job in teaching. Last, the guy probably went home and told his family that he met a family with a house full of geniuses that will take over the world. LOL

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