{Spring 2015} Schedule Update

I have a little problem. I love to schedule things; I love to make lists; I like to organize. I like things structured and “just so.” Because I might have a slight obsession with these things, I make a color-coded schedule for each semester.

It’s almost the new semester so it was time for me to revamp our old schedule and make some changes. Some subjects have been dropped completely and some subjects have been combined. I’ve worked to streamline my day and try to shorten our school time and fit in more play time (and more break time for me).

Here’s my new schedule with my modifications:

Some changes I made:

  • I dropped geography and Latin for Curly and Spanish for Bee and Tiger.
  • I moved half of our read aloud time to the morning and shifted science and history to the afternoon.
  • I shortened Curly’s morning school time and added some space for Tiger to do school before breakfast.
  • I combined school time for Ladybug and Punkin since they have zero attention span.
  • Dinner time is earlier with more family time in the evening.

I’ve been trying out this new schedule in December and it is working wonderfully well. I feel like our days have better variety and the kids have more play time. Somehow things just seem more efficient and our day seems shorter. It is a welcome change!

One thought on “{Spring 2015} Schedule Update

  1. I've been thinking about the Spring semester too 🙂 I just told myself last night, that as soon as Christmas is over, I have to spend that next week getting ready for school to start again. Sometimes I think I should just start school in January every year because it seems like the Fall semester is always hit or miss. Oh well, bits and pieces eventually add up, right?

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