{Review} The Verbal Math Lesson

We had the opportunity to review The Verbal Math Lesson. We integrated these books into our daily math time and built math skills without using a pencil or paper. 

There are 3 books in this series. The first book is for ages 5-7, the second book for ages 7-8, and the third book for ages 8-10.

Topics in Book 1:

  • Working with nothing
  • Addition up to 20
  • Subtraction with numbers up to 20
  • The meaning of double and half
  • Adding and subtracting double-digit numbers
  • Doubling, tripling, and quadrupling numbers up to 50
  • Adding and subtracting double-digit numbers ending in zero

Topics in Book 2:

  • Subtracting single-digit numbers from double-digit numbers
  • Doubling and tripling double-digit numbers
  • Subtracting double-digit numbers from up to 100
  • Multiplication
  • Introduction to division
  • Mixed operations

Topics in Book 3:

  • Common divisor and greatest common divisor
  • Counting money
  • Adding, subtracting, and converting time
  • Multiplication review, squares and cubes
  • Ratios, rates, and unit problems.
  • Multiplication of double-digit numbers
  • Division of numbers with remainder
  • Fraction concepts
  • Factors and elements of algebra

Each lesson is in a similar format. The first section contains a short teaching of the concept with some example problems. Then there are two or three sections of exercises to practice the concept in different ways. The last section of each chapter contains multiple word problems.

Book one contains 31 chapters while the other two books only have 29 chapters. 

What did we think?

I loved these books! These are my new favorite math resources!

Each day I used one or two sections from the books as a warm-up for our daily math lesson. I started Tiger with the first book and Curly with book two. It took us three to five days to work through each chapter.

I appreciated how the books taught the math concepts very simply with examples and then contained multiple practice problems to complete out loud. These problems did not take much time and I didn’t need any other supplies to do the exercises. As my kids worked through the problems in their heads, they were sharpening their math skills and getting warmed up for our math lessons.

I found the books to cover a large variety of elementary math concepts. They were thorough and easy to implement. It was a fun challenge for my kids to try to figure out each problem in their head. The books progress in difficulty so my kids were able to gain the skills to complete more complex math problems in their heads after working through the earlier sections of the books.

I plan to continue working slowly through the books or even using them as a summer review.

You can order the physical book set for $29.99 or the e-book format for $17.99.

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