Our Favorite Cookie Recipes

We were driving just the other day and I saw a large billboard on the side of the highway. It said, “Tis the season to be healthy!” Um, no. I think not. This is the season to bake wonderful spicy gingerbread and eat pumpkin goodies. Tis the season to bake and decorate Christmas cookies with your kids. And I refuse to feel guilty that we make floury messes and eat sugary goodness during this time of year. This is Christmas and I will eat my favorite cookies.

You may not know that I have 3 allergic kiddos in my house. Curly is allergic to dairy and eggs, Punkin is allergic to milk, and Bee is allergic to nearly everything that is edible. Baking or cooking for my household is a gigantic challenge. Sometimes I have to have a good cry about the stress. However, we have found some amazing recipes that we can make together and eat safely.

So, this time of year we are going to celebrate with some delicious baked goods. These are our favorites:

Enjoy the Christmas season together with your family and don’t forget to make some cookies (and some memories)!
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