{Day in the Life} A Homeschooled December

We have some big things that are upcoming in the spring so we are doing more school in December than we often do. We’ve taken time off for birthdays, for family, and for the holiday but on every day in between our fun plans we’ve worked to get in a full day of school. It is nice to feel accomplished amidst the busyness of the holiday season.

So, here’s a glimpse into one of our days:

I make my way upstairs to the homeschool room with some hot chocolate for Curly and I see her sitting in her chair wrapped from head to toe in her fuzzy green blanket.
I turn on Chopin and the essential oils diffuser and open up our Bible books.
Afterward, we progress to Spanish and then Language Arts when I hear a door open.

Tiger bounds out of his room (usually he’s never a morning person) and is waving a pillow and a note at us. He is excited to share the note that the tooth fairy left for him.
When he’s done talking I ask him if he’d like to go back to bed so we can finish. He runs off to the girls’ room and wakes up his partner in crime, Bee. They both come rushing back in with the note.
Once everyone is calm I send both Tiger and Bee to his room to listen to an audio book.

Curly and I finish the grammar, writing, and spelling lessons and then move on to math.
I hear a door open again. A very sleep, tousled, curly-headed Ladybug appears. She peeks around the door about 10 times before she decides to venture out. She comes over to me and promptly throws herself on the floor, whining for milk.
I send her in to Tiger’s room to play with the other kids while I try to finish up math. It’s very, very difficult to explain how to square a number when a toddler is wailing at your feet!

Soon all the kids burst out of Tiger’s door and go running down the stairs to see who can get the milk cups out first.
They make such a commotion in the kitchen that I worry they will wake up Punkin.

Once I’m done with Curly’s school she has 30 minutes to finish up independent work while I do some school with Tiger.
However, today Bee wants to get her school done first so I do her reading, logic, math, and Bible with her as Tiger and Bee look at picture books in the bean bag chairs while slurping their milk as loudly as possible.

Bee is able to complete all of her school and we go downstairs for breakfast. I was too tired to put anything together the night before so cereal is our only quick option. The kids spend some time complaining about eating cereal and then they quickly start arguing about which kind they will eat.
I give Tiger the job of getting out bowls, Bee is getting out spoons, and Curly is getting the milk. Ladybug’s job is to carry the cereal boxes from the pantry to the table.

I go get Punkin out of bed so she can join us for breakfast. She is lying in bed singing the song “Let It Go” at the top of her lungs. She’s definitely awake but very cheerful.

We do our catechism during breakfast and then Ladybug spills her full cereal bowl on the floor. This floor was just mopped the day before. I always wonder why I bother mopping…..

After breakfast I do school with Ladybug and Punkin. They decide they will do some painting.
Then it is time to work with Tiger. He comes to the table with his blanket, his letter from the tooth fairy, and his special tooth pillow. I barely survive school time as he continually puts his blanket over his head and pretends that he can’t hear me.

I take some time to read with Bee and Ladybug so we go down to the couch and snuggle and read together. Punkin puts on different princess dresses and runs to the stair railing to give us a fashion show. Every few pages of our book we have to stop and clap for her.

After a few chapters of our book I send the girls upstairs to dress up with Punkin and I call to Tiger. He comes downstairs with several swords and a ball. He lies on the back of the couch waving his swords in the air while I read to him. Then he builds a marble run and then he builds a lego car.

Finally it’s lunch time and I put on a Spanish show on my computer, the kids gather around to watch, and I make lunch.

After lunch I send the kids to collect laundry and get Bible read. They also have instructions to pick up all the dresses in the girls’ room since I can no longer see the floor.
I take Punkin to her room and we read stories. She then insists on listening to the songs from Frozen again during her nap time.

The girls’ room is clean and Ladybug gets some computer time while I work on Bible with the bigger kids. After Bible we do memory work and practice AWANA verses.

Then I send Bee up to join Ladybug so I can do history and science with Curly and Tiger.
When we are done with school I send Tiger, Bee, and Ladybug outside to play.

Curly gets out a craft that she has been working on and continues her work as I read to her.
When I next look up at the clock it’s time to grab Punkin from her bed and start putting dinner together.

I put everyone outside in the backyard with water bottles and I cook like crazy! About that time my hubby walks through the door and I realize I’ve just survived yet another day…..

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