Prayer Guide for the Homeschool Mom


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As I start our new homeschool year I’ve been convicted that I need to spend more time in prayer for myself.  This task of homeschooling is physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually exhausting.

For our new year I want to be more prepared to face the challenges of each day and not feel overwhelmed or like a complete failure.

My plan of survival is prayer.

After reading the Mission of Motherhood by Sally Clarkson (which is a great book, by the way), I wrote out a simple prayer guide.

Here are my prayers:

That I will create a home environment full of fun, learning, and love
That I will search for joy and peace only in God’s word and His plan for me
That I will be a source of protection, love, and spiritual, emotional, and mental support for my kids
That I will leave a spiritual legacy that is based on my relationship with each child

That I will recognize my purpose to glorify God in all circumstances
That I will step aside and let God show grace and work miracles through my failures and mistakes
That I will use my time wisely and will prayerfully align my priorities
That I will put all of myself into my ministry at home

That I will view my children as my treasures in heaven as I reach their hearts for God
That I will respond to them with grace in order to demonstrate God’s grace to them
That I will freely give them my time and attention
That I make time for the Lord in my own life as an example to them

That I will have a consistent prayer and devotion time with my children
That I can train my children to think Biblically
That I can teach my children the reality of sin, the truth of grace, and the act of living in faith
That I can love my children unconditionally, despite their failures and mistakes

That I can view mistakes as an opportunity for teaching and forgiveness
That I will stay committed to our homeschool journey
That I can recognize the wonder and creativity of God as I explore and learn with them
That I will take time for reflection and prayer to renew my own heart

That I can find new ways to serve my family and to serve others
That I will find fulfillment in Christ even when I feel the tasks I do are mundane
That I am a good steward of my time, my resources, and my children’s hearts
That I can honestly express my fears, inadequacies, and lack of love and faith to God

That I can be faithful in praying for myself, my family, and others
That I can recognize God’s vision for our family
That I can minister to my children in the face of disappointment
That I can worship with my children in times of joy and in the face of God’s blessings

That I will be passionate about my ministry to be at home and homeschool my children
That I will be an encouragement to my children
That I can develop a workable routine and structure to our days

There are 31 areas that I will be praying over each month – 1 for each day as I seek to minister to my children and have a successful homeschool year.

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