Homeschool Super Mom

Are you Homeschool Super Mom?


Do you know another mom who seems a little bit too perfect?

I think as moms we often look at other homeschool moms and compare ourselves to find all of the ways that we come up short. As we stare at our own shortcomings, the other mom starts to look more and more like Super Mom.

Then we feel like inadequate failures.

Have you been there? I certainly have!

Well, I’ll tell you a little secret:
The Homeschool Super Mom does not exist.  She is a mythical creature that is the embodiment of perfection.  If she were real what would she look like?

Here is the make-up of the Homeschool Super Mom:

  • She can exhibit patience in every situation, even when lunch burns, the toddler cries, and everyone is arguing.
  • She can talk softly even though all children are screaming and defiant.
  • She always corrects her children’s behavior calmly.
  • She can creatively come up with discipline solutions to every act of disobedience.
  • She can cheerfully change a diaper, do the dishes, and fold the laundry even though it’s past midnight.
  • She makes a nutritious breakfast and lunch every single day.
  • She also has a fridge and pantry full of healthy snacks.
  • She never uses the TV or a movie to entertain her children when she’s tired.
  • She doesn’t need to rest or even sleep.
  • She does not sigh or grit her teeth when her child sounds out the same word for the 10th time.
  • She does not get confused by math, ever.
  • She can make every science experiment work correctly the first time.
  • She is never tired of reading aloud.
  • She can patiently pause for every interruption during her school day and then easily resume the lesson.
  • She is a master artist.
  • She can play every instrument.
  • She comes up with a creative art project for every day.
  • She creates her own curricula entirely.
  • She writes detailed lesson plans daily and accomplishes everything on her plan.
  • She loves messy crafts.
  • She bakes with her kids every day.
  • She tries a new project from Pinterest every day and they all turn out beautifully.
  • She creates a new history project every day and reenacts the time period with her kids.
  • She plans and coordinates a new field trip every week and prepares educational worksheets to compliment each trip.
  • She wears a different (and clean) outfit every day of the week (and pj’s do not count).
  • She wakes up every morning overjoyed to spend time with her children.
  • She greets her hubby with a kiss each evening, a spotless house, clean and cheerful children, and dinner on the table.
  • She is the sympathetic listening ear to all of her friends who have not yet achieved super mom status.
  • She blogs about her super, perfect homeschool life and is the source of inspiration to every homeschool mom.


She teaches faster than a child can say, “No!”
Her inspiration is more powerful than a strong-willed toddler.
She is able to leap over piles of laundry and a mountain of excuses.
It’s a teacher; it’s a mom; it’s homeschool supermom!

Take a deep breath and know that you are not Homeschool Super Mom and neither is any other homeschooler that you know. We all have different shortcomings and struggles.

But be encouraged that we’re all in this together and each day is a new opportunity to learn and grow.

Even though none of us are Homeschool Super Mom, I think we all deserve a cape – or at least some chocolate!


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7 thoughts on “Homeschool Super Mom

  1. I needed this! We are starting our homeschool journey next month and between curriculums and room set up and all that, I feel like I’d never be a “Homeschool Supermom”! Thanks for the grounding information!

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