Family Halloween Party

We don’t celebrate with trick or treating on the 31st. We have kids with food allergies and they can’t eat 99% of the candy that people would toss into their little bags. Plus, who really needs that much junk? Your kids eat it and then they bounce off the walls for a week before crashing into a cranky zombie-like state. Or, you try to hide most of it from your kids. You tell yourself that you’ll throw it away but you end up eating it yourself. M&M’s and Twix are my utter downfall. Snickers is my husband’s kryptonite.

We have started a new family tradition of having a family fun night. We play games, eat a fun dinner, make crafts, and decorate our own desserts. It’s now a much-anticipated holiday and the kids look forward to our fun adventures for weeks.

Here is our plan for this year’s party:

Do you have any plans for the holiday?

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