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Another one of my goals for Curly’s 3rd grade year is to encourage her to keep a writing journal.  My goal is for her to write in her journal at least 3 days a week (but hopefully every day) and add any pictures or symbols that mean something to her.  

I’ve decided to create a list of journal prompts so that she is never short on ideas for writing.  I’ve also created a supply list of special things that she can use during her journal time.  Once a month I plan to meet with her and have her show me her work.  I’m excited to see how she improves and grows throughout the year and I hope she can see her progress also and be encouraged and inspired.


  • a hardbound journal – I chose lined pages because Curly enjoys having lines to guide her writing.
  • blank paper – She can draw pictures on the unlined paper and glue it into her journal.
  • glue stick – She can add fun pictures or drawings into her journal pages.
  • stickers – Everyone needs some fun color and decorations in a journal!
  • stamps – I purchased a few ink pads and a couple basic stamp shapes like stars and hearts for her to embellish her pages.
  • pretty pencils – I got her some decorative pencils to use during her journal time to make her task of writing more fun.
  • colored pens – I chose some fun colored pens that wouldn’t bleed through the pages for her to use either for drawing or writing.

I wrote some basic writing prompts to get us started.  I plan to print out the 180 prompts for a school calendar year and keep it as a reference so Curly never runs out of journal ideas.  To answer the questions she can either draw or write her answers – or both!

Here are all 180 journal prompts to help you journal every day for the entire school year. They are divided into groups of 5 prompts so there are enough for each week.

Here are some other resources for writing prompt ideas:

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