How I Use Student Planners in Our Homeschool

This year we have started using student planners for Curly and Tiger.  Here’s how we use them in our homeschool:

  • Before we begin a new month I have them turn to their new monthly calendar and we pencil in any holidays or special days for that month.

For the rest of the month we only use the weekly planning pages.

  • At the beginning of the week I sit down with Curly and Tiger separately and write down weekly tasks on the weekend slots.  Sometimes this is a book or project that needs to be done by the weekend or it is other independent work (like a set of math pages) that needs to be completed.  They are free to work on these assignments at any point during the week so long as they are done by Friday night.  This helps them plan their week and remember to make time for things that aren’t due on a specific day but rather by the end of the week.  They are learning not to wait until Friday to start on the work in this section!

  • I also write a short outline of our weekly plan on the whiteboard.  I write each day of the week on the board and list anything extra for that day.  If we have an appointment, field trip, or get together during our week I put the information on the board.  They then copy these activities into their planner on the appropriate day.  Now they know a brief outline of our week and don’t have to ask me daily for the plan.

  • After I finish their school time each day, I have them write a list of what work they still need to complete for that day.  This is anything that we didn’t finish during our time or is the independent work from our lessons.  They create a short checklist of the homework tasks they need to complete that day.  They also write this on the weekly pages.

These planners are helping my kids learn to be responsible, plan ahead, and use their time wisely.  It helps keep them accountable for getting their work finished.  It also helps me remember what each child was supposed to complete each day when we get back together for our school time. 

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