First Day of Homeschool 2014

We survived our first day of homeschool September 2nd!

I readily admit that I was not thrilled about starting our new year. I was already exhausted and feeling disorganized and overwhelmed (having two toddlers can do that to you!). I just didn’t feel up to another year, more learning, more planning, and more organizing.

However, I pulled myself together, set a start date, and dove right in.  And our first day was………..just ok. I’m not sure exactly what I expected. Maybe awesome or wonderful? It definitely was not either of those. However, we made it through our day, tweaked our schedule, found a new routine, and had fun together. Overall, it was successful.

And while I’m confessing a few things I will also share that by afternoon all I wanted to do was retreat into my bedroom to take a long nap. I was almost ready to give up on the day. Not because things weren’t going well, but just because it was so much work for me! I get a 30 minute break during lunch and that’s about the only time I have a few minutes of peace.

Despite wanting to give up, I pushed through and everyone was cheerful when Daddy walked in the door. Dinner was a fun meal of waffles and then we had some time to celebrate the end of our very first day. We watched Frozen together as a family to relax after our very long day!

Here’s a little peek into our first day….. 

 She was actually somewhat cheerful to be up early. I always have some warm chocolate milk for her so that makes it worth it! I think she likes having her own alarm clock.
 We did poetry, Bible, Spanish, writing, grammar, spelling, and math together
 Ok, I was excited to start these books this year!
 Math is more fun on a whiteboard with a pink marker
 Lots of phonogram practice!
 We are writing in cursive this year!
 Breakfast time with the whole crew
 Yes they ate chocolate cake!
 Punkin loved the chocolate milk
 She is baby Van Gogh. She painted for 30 minutes with intense concentration.
 The big kids supervised totschool time
 Ladybug was so excited about school! She loves math time and working on rhyming with our zebra puppet.
 Tiger was very busy with math
 He did not like the interruption of pictures
 Bee did all of her work on a whiteboard – math and cursive practice. She’s even sounding out words now!
 Curly snuck off to the reading close to ready by herself
 In the afternoon we had science and history time after Bible and memory work. We also did some reading aloud.
 Tiger read some stories to me…..very slowly……..
 Bliss is very sharp crayons! The kids colored while I read to them.
Daddy made waffles for everyone. Cake for breakfast and waffles for dinner! Perfect!

I can happily say that the rest of our first week was even better. Each day was progressively more smooth and more fun. I found that we were all becoming excited about our new school year as we made it through each new day. By Friday we had a good routine and we were seeing some real progress. This year just might be ok. Let’s see how I feel in February………..

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