{Review Crew} Wizzy Gizmo, Book 1: Who Created Everything?

I love that I can share my faith with my kids during our homeschool day and I’m always searching for new and fun ways to engage them.  I found a new resource to help me do just that!  I was excited to review Book One: Who Created Everything? from Wizzy Gizmo.

Wizzy Gizmo Review

What is it?
Wizzy Gizmo is a series of resources to teach Biblical concepts through stories.  The stories center on Wizzy Gizmo, an inventor, who uses his inventions to help him explore the Bible.  The company produces books based on Bible stories, audio dramas, and Bible flashcards.  All resources teach the Bible in an expository and factual way, incorporating creative story-telling and teaching theological concepts such as the Trinity or “ex nihilo.”

Book 1: Who Created Everything? is the first book in a series about Wizzy Gizmo and his Biblical explorations.  In each book, Wizzy uses his Gizmovision machine to highlight key Scripture verses.  Through his machine he takes himself and the children in the story back in time to experience the Bible story verse-by-verse. 

This 58-page softcover illustrated chapter book covers the story of Creation from Genesis chapter 1.  Vocabulary words are bolded throughout the book and there is a glossary of those terms in the back.  There is also a short section with 10 review questions about the book to have a guided discussion. 

The book is aimed for ages 4-12.

Wizzy Gizmo Review

How did we use it?
We received our Wizzy Gizmo book and I wasn’t quite sure what to expect.  The book was supposed to teach Biblical truths and include some theology.  But with a name like Wizzy Gizmo, it was hard to take it seriously.  I skimmed over the book and after a quick review, I decided it would be a perfect read aloud with my older 3 kids (ages 8, 6, and 5).  We ended up reading the story together as a family with dad joining in. 

The book has 7 chapters with the first being an introduction to the Gizmovision machine and the rest being an overview of the first 6 days of creation.  Each chapter is about 5-7 pages long.  We decided to read 1 chapter per night, because even though the chapters are not overly long, there is quite a bit of information in each one.  The book took us 7 days to complete and then the kids wanted to read it again (and Curly read it to herself as well).  

As we read each chapter we would pause to discuss the different vocabulary words we encountered.  Some of the words were fervor, groaned, blurted, quipped, uproar, and mysterious.  And once we finished the book, we went over the review questions and let each child answer a few as we discussed what we had read.  Reading the chapters also led to great discussion as we dove deeper into the story of creation.

My kids listened with excitement to hear about the inventions of Wizzy and the images of each day of Creation.  In the story, the characters ride in a special submarine to explore the depths of the ocean and see a giant octopus and dolphins.  Then they blast into the sky in a flying car to examine the birds and pterodactyls.  The next day of Creation they land their car to watch dinosaurs roam and come face to face with a lion.  However, none of the creatures harm the children in the story because sin had not yet entered the world.  My kids found it fascinating to picture the world before sin.

What did we think?
This book contains nearly all of the verses of Genesis 1 (with some other references to verses in Psalms and Isaiah).  I was pleasantly surprised to see how Scripture was woven directly into the text.  We would read a verse or two as part of the story and then an explanation or description of an image would follow.  This allowed my kids to really “see” what was happening in the account of Creation.  I loved that by the end of the book we had read the first chapter of Genesis.

The story begins by introducing us to the kids who are friends of Wizzy.  They hear that he is finished with his new machine and go to his workshop to see how it works.  While the story does not focus on the kids, but more on Scripture, my kids enjoyed the introduction to the characters in the story and were interested to see what Wizzy had created.

The focus is on the Scripture.  Throughout the book, the characters reference Scripture to provide support and more information for what is happening in the story.  The verses of Scripture drive the story forward and set the stage for what is happening.  I love that the Bible was the focal point and that the verses and Biblical truths did not get lost in a story line.  

The book contains bolded vocabulary words.  I wasn’t sure how well written a book with the title of “Wizzy Gizmo” would be.  I was worried that it wouldn’t hold my kids attention and that I would not enjoy reading it.  That was not the case.  I enjoyed the writing style and was impressed with the variety of vocabulary words used in the story.  My kids had a great vocabulary lesson through our reading time. 

My kids enjoyed the full color illustrations of Wizzy and his friends.  We also all enjoyed the humor int he book with the antics of the robotic duck.  It is just a fun read.  It made the Bible story approachable and fun for my kids.

The book does not shy away from difficult concepts such as the Trinity.  As the Creation story is told, the concept of the Trinity is introduced when the Bible is quoted “Let us make man in our image…”  The kids in the story ask what is meant by “us” and Wizzy explains about the Trinity.  I liked how the character was honest in describing the mystery of the Trinity and ending his explanation with the statement that it is a Biblical truth that we can’t completely understand. 

My wrap up!
I wasn’t sure what to think about a book in the Wizzy Gizmo series that contained humor and creativity, yet taught deep Biblical truths.  I found that the book did a surprisingly good job of including a fun story while staying absolutely true to Scripture.

We really enjoyed this book, the Biblical concepts that we learned about through it, and the discussions that it sparked for our family.  I was really impressed with the amount of Scripture in the book and the way that it was integrated into the story line with the characters.

We’ll be looking for more in this series to explore more chapters in the Bible and we will probably need to check out their audio dramas as well!

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