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It’s back to school week for the school’s in my district. They had their meet the teacher day earlier this week. I’m sure it was total craziness and chaos. I’m also sure that the teachers had their fair share of wacky questions and overly-anxious parents.

I decided that for my birthday we would host our own Meet the Teacher night! Just in case my kids weren’t sure who would be teaching them this year, I announced their new grade levels and after a drum roll named their teacher. They were shocked! Can you believe that they got the very teacher that they were hoping to get? What excitement! They are in the class with the ever awesome Miss Lexi!

So, what questions might I get asked on a parent interview? I asked a local teacher what questions and comments she most often heard at Meet the Parent Night.

Here are those questions (as if asked by my hubby who is acting as the parental figure) and answered by me (acting as the teacher extraordinaire).

What if my child can already read, is advanced in math, or has already covered those topics?
Well, then we’ll just move right on ahead. You’re in Kindergarten but need 1st grade math? No problem!

How many kids are in the class?
Just one per grade level. But don’t worry; it won’t be lonely!

What is the student/teacher ratio?
5:1. Please remember that we are a very exclusive private academy.

Do you have an assistant?
Yes, she has been a part of our school for almost 2 years now. Her specialties are glueing my teacher’s notes together, cutting up our projects, erasing things on my computer, and randomly playing music on the iPad. Punkin is quite a helper!

How do you handle it?
Lots and lots of chocolate and a principal who helps out around the house!

Is there a nap time?
No. Not unless it is for me (or if you’re under the age of 3)!

How can I reach you?
Just stand in the entry way and yell. I’ll hear you from the homeschool room above.

When is lunch time?
Whenever I am hungry (and whenever it’s ready).

What happens if my child needs the nurse?
I am certified in Mommy First Aid and I’ll handle it. I also double as the school nurse.

How often do they have PE?
Whenever I need total silence and decide to stick them out back. This could be hourly if necessary.

How many books can they check out of the library?
As many as I can fit into my library bag.

How often do they have art and music?
Daily! We emphasize the arts at our private school.

What if my child is sick?
Please make sure to stock up on some new movies for me and we’ll take a day off.

What is the attendance policy?
School is in session unless I decide it’s not – we always take breaks for children’s birthdays, beautiful weather, and exciting field trip opportunities.

What’s the daily schedule?
School, play, school, play, lunch, school, read, art, read, play, music, play, read……Someone is doing SOMETHING from 6 AM until 4 PM – this includes lego architecture, imaginative play, and reading time. You can see more about our schedule here.

Is there a dress code?
Yes. Comfy pj’s are required daily unless we have a planned field trip. On field trip days, matching tie-dye shirts are the uniform. 

How do you grade work? What is the grading scale?
If it’s wrong then it will be redone with my help. No grades are issued, just opportunities to master a concept.

How much time do you expect them to spend on homework?
All. day. long. Our work is all “homework!”

What can I do to support your teaching at home?
Wash dishes, do laundry, sweep the floor, vacuum, and cook dinner.

Have your kids met their teacher yet? Did you get any teacher gifts? 
I think I need some chocolate, a house keeper, and a massage. Those would be very nice gifts!

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