{Hey Girl Homeschool Guide} Ignorance is Not Bliss – Things I’m Not Missing Because I Homeschool

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Hey Homeschool Mommas,

I know you sometimes experience homeschool burnout and you don’t feel like you can continue.  Your kids drive you crazy and you can’t imagine yet another full day with them.  Or maybe you have some serious sibling rivalry that turns your house into a war zone. 

You might look at your packed calendar, your busy schedule, and your piles of work to do and not know where to begin.  This homeschool job is certainly overwhelming.  But always remember that it’s a blessed life. 

The grass is not necessarily greener on the other side of the fence.  While the school bus passing by looks blissful as you think about some quiet time to yourself, know that there are many things that you are simply not missing. 

Ignorance is not bliss and it’s time to discuss the things I’m thankful that I don’t have to experience. 


What do I miss by homeschooling my kids?

  • Panicking during the frantic morning rush of trying to make it to school on time
  • Sitting in the pickup line after school and waiting, waiting, with fussy toddlers in the backseat
  • Realizing that a backpack has gone missing when school begins in 10 minutes
  • Forgetting to sign all of the permission slips and other forms sent home by the school
  • Losing shoes in the mad push to get all the kids in the car
  • Arguing over school outfits
  • Realizing that the laundry is behind and there are no clean school outfits for that day
  • Putting my kids on a bus with someone I don’t know and praying that they remember their stop
  • Sitting in parent teacher conferences
  • Having to confront the principal with a concern
  • Approaching the teacher with a problem about my child
  • Going to school meetings and school functions
  • Getting that phone call that I forgot to sign paperwork
  • Forgetting to send my child with their lunch
  • Worrying that my child will not eat the cafeteria food and then be hungry all day
  • Picking up said starving child and listening to their meltdown on the way home
  • Hearing that my child has a negative cafeteria balance and skipped lunch
  • Getting the call that my child is sick at school and needs me
  • Hearing that my child was bullied by another child
  • Worrying that a teacher will miss the next time my child is hurt
  • Staying up late to help finish a mandatory project before a deadline
  • Thinking that many of the projects are wastes of time anyway
  • Not having to sign opt out forms for programs that I personally do not support
  • Getting to chaperone a herd of loud and crazy kids on class field trips
  • Dealing with the PTA drama
  • Waiting to see if my child gets the “good” teacher for a particular grade
  • Handling the disappointment that my child did not get the teacher we had hoped for
  • Having to navigate the mama drama of the other classroom moms
  • Trying to top the last child’s birthday cupcakes brought to class
  • Hearing how the other mom’s kids are wonderful, gifted, brilliant, and talented
  • Worrying that my child in no way measures up to theirs
  • Stressing over the many tests and assessments
  • Feeling that the curricula, homework, and projects are not age appropriate
  • Feeling upset because these assignments cause my child to become stressed
  • Trying to complete hours of homework after my child sat in school all day long
  • Scheduling all of our family vacations and other plans around a rigid school calendar
  • Remembering to take a doctor’s note or other excuse for all absences
  • Feeling the pressure to conform to the school’s standards
  • Believing that my child is pushed too hard all to meet standards
  • Feeling that my child is not receiving adequate help because the student to teacher ratio is 24/1
  • Seeing my child’s self esteem crumble because he is held to unachievable standards
  • Worrying that my child is held back because he must move at the class’s pace
  • Wishing that my child could follow his interests and choose what to study
  • Knowing that my child is bored because he has already mastered the material being taught
  • Seeing the beautiful day and knowing that my child will only feel the sunlight for 30 minutes
  • Watching the rain fall and knowing that we can’t snuggle together and read wonderful books
  • Sleeping in
  • Having a movie day
  • Watching my kids learn
  • Being able to encourage them all throughout the day


Now, don’t hear that I’m bashing public school, private school, or the dedicated teachers.  I’m not.
I’m just telling you the things that you’re not missing.

When you’re having a difficult homeschool day, you think that something, anything, has to be better than the job that you are currently doing.  Know that there are difficult days for public school parents as well.  There are terrible days for those teachers and those students.

No matter what educational choice you are embracing in this season of life, know that each has unique challenges.  Don’t waste your time wishing for something else or envying what you think you’re missing.  Ignorance is not bliss; it’s important to know that there are things about public school life that you would find challenging, disheartening, and tiring.

Have confidence in your homeschool choice as you begin your year.  And when you have those times when you want to quit, find contentment in your choice to homeschool and refuse to focus on wishful thinking.



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13 thoughts on “{Hey Girl Homeschool Guide} Ignorance is Not Bliss – Things I’m Not Missing Because I Homeschool

  1. I know my kids are not missing out on practice lockdowns or learning how a classmate does not know who his/her dad is or any other broken family situations and conversations on pop culture.

  2. Not counting preschool, we have been homeschooling for 3 years. My goal is to have a well rounded child that loves and appreciates others regardless of differences but above all the goal is that they love and honor God. Thanks for the reminders about what else is on the other side. Somedays I wonder but by the end of the day, I'm always glad that we have made the choice to homeschool.

  3. We've been homeschooling for five years and this year I'd like to encourage my oldest to be a more independent learner.

  4. I have been homeschooling 9 years. I am excited to try to more science, (especially hands-on) with my younger child this year. She really grasped onto it, and I am thrilled to be able to take her as far as we can with it.

  5. This is my second and a half year of homeschooling (we started in February of public school kindergarten – sure didn't last long! 😉 and my main goal is to take more time, serious time, to enjoy the process with my kids! I was a public school teacher prior to having my own little ones and am so used to checking things off the list that I really want to stop and smell the roses with them, this being one of the most beautiful things about homeschooling to me!

  6. Love this list! It's a great reminder. We have experienced public school, and I do not miss it for one minute. I remind myself of that every single time I start feeling the pressures of homeschooling.

  7. Also I do not miss all those letters with request for money for this or that, or supplying a public school with toilet paper and wipes. (what's that all about?)

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