{Curriculum} PreK 2014-2015

I cannot believe my little toddler-child is now old enough for her first year of PreK (aka Preschool)!  Little Bug will be doing “real” school this year – which means she’ll have a few books of her own and will do more than art projects and sensory tubs.  Exciting (and daunting at the same time)!

Bible – We will read a Children’s Bible together as we snuggle during our school time.

Character – I’ll read one story out of A Child’s Book of Character Building each day.

Math – Hands on Thinking Skills with all the fun linking cubes, tanagrams, and blocks.  I’m sure we’ll also do lots of free-play with them too!
We’ll also read fun math picture books.

PhonicsAll About Reading Pre-Level.  We’ll have our Ziggy puppet and learn our letters and letter sounds!
As we learn letters we’ll practice writing them on the white board with colored markers.

History – We’ll read History for Little Pilgrims in the fall and also read several Thanksgiving-themed picture books.
In the spring we’ll read the Ellis the Elephant Series and Liberty Lee’s Tail of Independence.
We might end our year with Usborne Illustrated Stories from Around the World.

Science – Our science year will be filled with tons of reading and playing outside.
In the fall we’ll read Usborne’s First Book of Science and Nature, Usborne Starting Point Science Volume I, and the Just Ask Series.
In the spring we’ll read books from the Usborne Beginner Science Series, the I Wonder Why Series, and the Usborne Illustrated Animal Stories.

Geography – We’ll play with the globe and maybe watch some travel videos.

Art – We’ll do lots of painting and hands-on art projects from Preschool Art.
We’ll also read A Child’s Book of Art, Pop Warhol’s Top, Make Van Gogh’s Bed, Feed Matisse’s Fish, and Brush Mona Lisa’s Hair

Music – We’ll listen to some Maestro Classics CD’s as well as lots of other types of music for fun.  We might have some dance parties.

In general, I plan for our day to be short and sweet with lots of hands-on learning and much time for art and free play.  

Ladybug and Bee will be doing the same read aloud books, so the little girls will snuggle up with me as we read together – or maybe I can convince Curly to do some of the reading to them!

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