{Curriculum} Kindergarten 2014-2015

I have a Kindergarten student again this year!  Little Bee will be following in Tiger’s footsteps as she completes her Kindergarten year.

Bible Study Guide for All Ages – Bee will do the beginner pages with her older siblings.

Leading Little Ones to God – We’ll read this together

The New Children’s Bible by Devries – This is our Bible to read together.

We Choose Virtues character cards

Right Start A – She has already begun this level and will finish before the end of the year.

Right Start B – We’ll start this level slowly after A, doing a lesson or even half a lesson a day.

Math Mammoth 1A – She’ll start this program and work through a page a day with me.

Language Arts
All About Reading 1 – We will begin this level and try to do a lesson per week while practicing with the readers.

Logic of English Foundations B – Bee will work through this program while learning cursive letters.

Pentime 1 Book 2 – She’ll work on this book independently.

Mind Benders Beginning
Lollipop Logic 1 and 2
First Time Analogies
Math Analogies Beginning

When we start our school time together each day, I’ll read a poem or two from Now We Are Six by Milne and a Child’s Garden of Verses by Stevenson.

Bee will be studying American History through reading picture books and books from the booklist by Beautiful Feet.  I’ll be putting a booklist together for her with some additional books as well.

Beginning Geography from Evan Moor

She will be reading through a stack of books in the Let’s Read and Find Out series and doing some fun hands-on science with her older siblings.

Artistic Pursuits

Atelier Art 2

I’m hoping to implement the SQUILT program with my kids, so I’m hoping Bee can participate with her siblings.

Read Alouds and Readers – I have chosen a list of books for Bee and Ladybug to read aloud with me together.  Bee will read through the list of readers in the summer (maybe even starting in the spring). 

6 thoughts on “{Curriculum} Kindergarten 2014-2015

  1. Hey Lexi,
    I have enjoyed reading your blog and have learned so much from your posts. I am new to homeschooling and am trying to choose curriculum for my oldest daughter who will be in kindergarten next year. I have been thinking of using Logic of English Foundations. I thought that this would cover reading, writing, and phonics; but I noticed that you also used All About Reading as well as Pentime. Does Logic of English need supplementing? In regards to math I'm planning on using Right Start Math but noticed that ou used Mammath Math in addition to it. Does that also need supplementing? Thank you so much for any help or advice you could give.

  2. I originally was using All About Reading with Pentime. Then I was given Logic of English to review. I liked it and so we used parts of it alongside what we were already using. That's why I had all of them at once for a time.
    Now, I only use All About Reading with Pentime because it has been the best fit for my K'er and 1st grader.
    So, is Logic of English complete. Yes. Do you need to add anything? Nope! Just use it and enjoy!

    Right Start does not need a supplement either – especially in K. I just had Math Mammoth added in because I had already purchased it and felt guilty for not using it! I do like that my oldest has a few extra worksheets to do for math because she needs lots of practice and review. So, I would just jump in with Right Start and spend lots of time playing the games. It has really taught my kids how to think mathematically and I really love it!

    Hope that helps you out a little 🙂

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