{Curriculum} 3rd Grade 2014-2015

Curly begins 3rd grade this fall!  Somehow I feel very official and also very nervous at the same time.  I can see middle school on the horizon in a few years and that makes me nauseous!  We’re moving right on forward and she’s making great progress.  I’m so thankful we’re out of the basic addition facts and learning to read stages with her.  We’re on to some exciting new adventures in learning to write, studying history, and exploring science.  I’m loving this older elementary age!

Bible Study Guide for All Ages – She’ll do the Intermediate Level pages as Tiger and Bee use the Beginner pages.

Classical Academic Press Bible Old Testament 1 – Curly is ready for more indepth Bible study and memorization so we’re going to work on this program together in the morning.

We Choose Virtues cards – We’ll try to focus on a new virtue every week and rotate through the cards several times.

Right Start D and E – We’ll finish what is left of D and then start on E later in the spring or next summer.

Beast Academy 3B-3D – We began this program last school year and loved it so we’ll continue with the 3rd grade books.  We’ll take intermittent breaks from Right Start to focus on Beast.

Math Mammoth 3 – Curly does this program independently and usually completes a worksheet or 2 per day as added review and practice.

Language Arts
Phonics Road Level 3 – This is our main program that provides extensive spelling instruction with some grammar concepts.

First Language Lessons 3 – We’ve loved what we’ve learned from the previous levels so we’re going to continue with the program since it only takes a short time each day.

Writing with Ease 3 – Curly has made great progress in her narration and summary skills using this program so we’re moving to the next level.  She loves the story excerpts in the workbook.

Classical Academic Press Writing and Rhetoric Narration 1 – We used the Fable book over the summer and loved the writing instruction and the creative elements in the lessons.  We’ll work on this program in the spring or over the summer once we complete Writing with Ease.

Evan Moor Word a Day 3rd grade – We’re going to try this program as an easy vocabulary-building component to our day.

Write From History Early Modern – Curly will work on the cursive version.

Pentime 3 – Another cursive practice book!

We’ll read some poetry together from My Dog is a Carrot, Forget Me Nots, and A Child’s Introduction to Poetry.

Logic Safari Book 3
Connections Beginning
More Detective Club
Logic Countdown

Curly will continue to practice with Typing Instructor for Kids and will start typing a few of her assignments.

Getting Started with Spanish – We have just barely started this book but we plan to finish this year.
Visual Latin – Curly will finish all of Level 1 and possibly move to Level 2.

Story of the World Volume 3 – I’ll add in lots of extra literature and she will do the mapwork and hopefully some of the activities.

Trail Guide to World Geography – We did a study of the states last year so this year we will learn about the countries.

Daily Geography Grade 3 – Curly will work on this independently to practice map skills.

Nancy Larson Level 3 – We are excited to study chemistry with this program!

Apologia Zoology II – We’ll use this as a read aloud as I slowly read a couple sections each day and Curly will narrate what she remembers.

Science in the Ancient World – I plan to use this over the summer for hands-on science.

Artistic Pursuits – We’ll work on this as a family.

Atelier Art Level 2 – My kids will work on this program independently.

Composer studies and focused listening with SQUILT.

Read Alouds and Readers
I have a read aloud list for Curly so I can read to her.  I’m also going to have her read short chapter books aloud to me to practice her read aloud skills.

She will read books from these series aloud:
Lighthouse Family Series
Rachel Yoder Series
Frog Princess Series
Lighthouse Louie Series

She will also complete some study guides from Progeny Press for these books:
Bears on Hemlock Mountain
Courage of Sarah Noble
Miss Rumphius
Minstrel in the Tower

4 thoughts on “{Curriculum} 3rd Grade 2014-2015

  1. Wow! I thought I had a lot of different things to fit in the schedule, but this is LOADS! How do you schedule all this? Three different math programs, 3 different science programs, 2 geography, 2 art, music, history, 7 different items for Language Arts, 2 Bible, Character, and Poetry and reading! Whew! Do you do everything every day???

    I am sincerely interested because I am currently struggling with finding a way to fit it all in. This is what I currently have written in the plans: Daily Items: Bible, Math, Reading, Music, Cursive (that's 5); Odd weeks: Grammar, History, Latin (3 more); Even weeks: Writing, Science, Greek (or these 3). This gives us 8 items to check off each day and if we didn't alternate, it would be 11! I have many friends who do the basic 4 or 5 and no more and are done in an hour. Then I see others, like you, who have, I counted 27 items for one child. So I wonder do you do a bit from each book every day or alternate days? If you alternate days, do you double up how much, like 2 lessons at the time?

    I wanted to alternate some subjects for several different reasons. Two are to have less items to do each day and that this student gets bored easily, so changing up every now and then is a must. Last year we alternated days of the week, doing History on T/Th and Science on M/W and Greek on MW and Latin on T/Th with music and art on Friday. This worked well, but I thought of maybe trying to alternate 6 weeks at the time or 1 week at the time and settled on trying to alternate weeks and see how that works.

    We will be using http://www.calvarycurriculum.com for Bible, MUS Zeta/Pre-Alg, First Lang. Lesson, Writing w/Ease, Story of the World Vol 2, Exploring Creation with Chemistry and Physics, Hey Andrew Teach Me Some Greek, Latina Christiana from Memoria Press. Music is piano from https://www.hoffmanacademy.com/ and mandolin http://www.bradleylaird.com/.


  2. I'm not doing everything from each curriculum.
    For example, in science, Curly used the Nancy Larson Science 2 days per week. On the other 3 days we read a section of the Apologia book and did a short narration. The other science was for the summer.

    For math, Right Start is our main program and we spend 30 min on that math per day. I sometimes assign extra pages from Math Mammoth to reinforce a concept if needed. So that is done independently when needed. Beast Academy is something we do together a couple days a week for fun. We end up doing much of it during the summer.

    In language arts, the First Language Lessons we do every day so we finish it long before the end of our school year. At that point we added in the Classical Academic Press Writing program because it is only designed to last a semester.

    Art is done on occasion and is often done in the summer on hot afternoons.

    So, it does look like a lot but they are NOT being done every day. And sometimes I set a time limit on a subject each day. For math, we don't spend more than 30 min together. Sometimes that means we need to do a little extra one evening or one Saturday. But that's how I schedule a lot of it in.

    I like to have options and I get bored easily so I like to have some variety in our days. We are not super homeschoolers or anything 🙂

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