{Curriculum} 1st Grade 2014-2015

Tiger is now a 1st grader!  This does not seem real.  He’s finally reading and doing math – it’s real school time now for this guy!

Bible Study Guide for All Ages –  He will do the Beginner pages from Bible Study Guide for All Ages with Bee during our Bible time.

God’s Names – We will read this together.

We Choose Virtues

Right Start B – He will finish this level sometime during the year.

Right Start C – We will slowly start working through C, maybe in spring.

Math Mammoth 1B – He will work on this independently.

Language Arts
Phonics Road Level 1 – We will slowly work on Phonics Road Level 1 and practice all the phonogram cards and spelling rules.

All About Reading 2 – He will work on this program, completing 1 lesson per week.

Logic of English Foundations B – He will finish Logic of English Foundations B to help him practice blending and to learn cursive.

Daily Language Grade 1 – He will work in Daily Language Grade 1 to practice his grammar skills.

First Language Lessons 1 – This will be our main grammar program and he’ll start memorizing definitions for the parts of speech.

Writing with Ease 1 – We will slowly work on this program to practice his writing and to reinforce copywork skills.

Word a Day 1 –  I’m also going to add in Word-A-Day from Evan Moor to practice a few new vocabulary words each week.

Pentime 1 Book 2 – He will work on this program independently to reinforce his manuscript writing. 

Write from History Early Modern – He will practice his handwriting as he continues to learn about history.  

I will read poems from The Rooster Crows: A Book of American Rhymes and Jingles and Favorite Poems of Childhood.

Lollipop Logic 3
Logic Safari 1
Mind Benders Beginning 2
Math Analogies 1
Analogies for Beginners

Typing Instructor – He will continue to practice typing skills with this program.

Song School Spanish – Tiger will work on Song School Spanish.  Over the summer we practiced the songs and now it will be time to work through the workbook.  His siblings will listen along to the songs.

Story of the World Volume 3 – This is the first year Tiger will participate in history with Curly as we read through Story of the World.  I will have him give me short narrations after each section and he will do the mapwork in the book.  I will also add in some additional picture books to correspond to our chapters.

Evan Moor Daily Geography Grade 1 – Tiger will complete this workbook independently.

Apologia Zoology II – He will listen in as I read this book to Curly.  He will also do some narrations as well.

Artistic Pursuits

Atelier Art 2

We will try to add in SQUILT and do more focused listening and read about composers.

Read Alouds and Readers
I made a list of read alouds and readers for Tiger.

4 thoughts on “{Curriculum} 1st Grade 2014-2015

  1. Wow, what a list! How in the world do you get your 1st grade son to do all of this?? I'm having a time with my 1st grade son! He doesn't like to even do handwriting! Impressive Language arts list…but my son is nowhere near ready to do all of this.

  2. We work through the summer and do things then. Some of these items won't be finished in the 1st grade year. For example, it took us a full calendar year to go through AAR Level 1. I work with him on language arts for 30 min and reading practice for 30 min each day. So, we might not be able to finish Writing with Ease or AAR Level 2 depending on how well he does. We'll also have to see how far we get in Phonics Road. We also spend 30 min on math. Then during the afternoon he'll do some science, history, Spanish, and Bible with his sisters. And he does a lot of his writing on the white board with colored markers. We do a lot of Logic of English orally and First Language Lessons will be done orally. I don't make him write for every thing. Sometimes I write for him. But he will do his copywork in order to keep up with his younger sister who enjoys handwriting – he's competitive like that.
    So it looks like a lot but because we school year-round we'll be able to slowly get it all done. I try to keep our time together each day short and consistently make progress on his curriculum. Some of the things might run over into his second grade year and that's ok with me too. But this is just what we'll be starting this year.
    He does a pretty good job as long as I have him rotate writing on his paper, writing on the whiteboard, and writing with colored pencils. I posted about my schedule on another blog post here: http://lextinacademy.blogspot.com/2014/08/hey-girl-homeschool-guide-scheduling.html?showComment=1408152700804#c2554564546785330860

  3. Hi Lexi,
    Congratulations on your brand new little girl, she is absolutely precious! I love reading your blog and always end feeling encouraged. I am in the process of choosing curriculum for my daughter who is a rising 1st grader. This past year we used Logic of English Foundations A & B, I had heard raving reviews about it. We did like it, but my daughter seems to have some areas of weakness that Logic of English may not be addressing. I noticed you have several language art curricula that you are using with Tiger, is this the reason why? Are supplements needed or at least beneficial? Unfortunately language arts is not my strong suit. I was a math & science teacher for several years and that in addition to my public school education I have gaps of things I don't remember learning. I'm hoping to make sure this doesn't happen for her. Thank you so much for your help!

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