{Back to Homeschool} Beginning of the Year Traditions

We’ve developed a few fun homeschool traditions for the start of each new year.  Here’s how we celebrate…

Creating Tie Dye School Uniforms – Before we begin a new year we create new homeschool uniforms tie-dye style.  Dad gets in on the action and helps the kids create tie dye t-shirts.  These are perfect to wear on our field trips – it’s easy to see my psychedelic kids in crowds.

School Supply Shopping Trip – I make a separate school supply list for each child and then I take them on individual shopping trips so they can pick out their own supplies.  It’s amazing how important it is for a child to pick out their pencils themselves.  It’s a fun little date for us!

Back to School PJ’s – I order the kids some fun new pj’s and present them with their new jammies the night before we start.  For our first day of homeschool the kids have new pj uniforms.

Back to School Pictures – After I present the new pj’s to the kids they take their baths and try them on.  Then we head outside in the cool of the evening and take our back to school pictures.  I print signs for the kids to hold and we take lots of pictures to document our new year.  It’s so much easier to get good shots of the kids in the evening with my husband helping me rather than try to rush through them in the morning.

S’mores Night – The night before school we have a family night where we make s’mores and talk about our summer and make some plans for fall.  It’s a fun end to summer.

Cake for Breakfast – On our first day of school I usually serve something fun like a dessert!  Yes, we often have some type of cake for our first day.  And yes, it does make my kids a little bit crazy but they are usually dragging and resistant to a new schedule so I enjoy the fact that they are a little more enthusiastic to get out of bed.

You can hear more about our traditions in this video!


Do you have any back to homeschool traditions?

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4 thoughts on “{Back to Homeschool} Beginning of the Year Traditions

  1. What fun traditions! A friend recently posted pictures of tie dyed Converse that looked really great. I'm itching to get out my dye supplies again. 🙂

    I got my boys new homeschool advocacy t-shirts and special pencils (last year's were personalized name pencils) for the first day, and I'm planning to make a donut run to celebrate. 🙂 We start Monday.

  2. This is my first year homeschooling. We went to a coffee house and had fru-fru drinks and huge muffins. I also bought a couple of pencils that say "Kindergartners are #1!" I love the pj idea!!

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