Why I Like Outsourcing Some of My Homeschool Subjects

Have you ever said you would never do something?  Chances are that you eventually did that very thing. 

Your child would never act like that……yes they will!  You would never say that…..yes, you just did!  You would never homeschool?  Welcome to the dark side homeschool mom!

I said a few “never” statements when we began our homeschool journey.  One of them went something like “I will never use online or DVD classes or outsource my classes.”  Ok, I knew I probably would do this occasionally but I just couldn’t imagine not spending every second teaching my kids and sharing in the joy of new knowledge with them.

Let’s fast forward a few years of homeschooling (granted we’ve only just finished 2nd grade so I haven’t hit veteran status yet…..).  

I’ve discovered that my earlier never statement has come back to haunt me.  I’ve tried outsourcing a few classes and I’ve discovered that I love, love, love it!  Why did I not do this sooner?

This year, my kids are using a math curriculum online as a supplement.  They are also doing history lessons through a self-paced online program.  And they have online live book club meetings once a month.

It has been wonderful and amazing to have the burden of those classes lifted from my shoulders.  It gives me more time to work with other kids, do some laundry, or just sit down and learn with them instead of instructing them.  I never realized how much I would enjoy the brief break.  And after discovering how crazy awesome outsourced classes are, I’ve decided that they will become a small part of our homeschool lineup each year.

Why do I like to outsource some classes?

  • Gaining Time – Can I possibly describe how wonderful it is to have some extra time back in my day?  I don’t have to prepare for that one class.  I don’t have to do any planning for that class.  And I don’t do any instructing for that class.
  • Gaining a New Perspective – I think it’s good for my kids to learn from others and to experience a variety of teaching styles.  They have the ability to learn from many different people and come to understand the differing perspectives and beliefs that they will encounter.
  • Experiencing a Change of Pace – One of the ways that I’m going to combat homeschool burnout is to sprinkle our schedule with a few outsourced classes each year.  The online classes that we’ve done this school year have provided a perfect change of pace and a good variety in our schedule to help us stay motivated.
  • Reclaiming my Role as Mom – For a time, I just get to be mom and not the teacher of that particular class.  The kids answer to someone else and it takes so much pressure and stress off of me and off our relationship.  It’s good to remember that I’m mom first and teacher second.
  • Learning Responsibility – I feel it is a good skill for my kids to learn to answer to someone else and to have to follow through on due dates.  Somehow things just seem more urgent and due dates seem more firm when they come from someone other than me.
  • Learning as a Family – The outsourced classes give me the opportunity to become a student too.  There are so many subjects that I don’t remember much about from my school days.  I could always learn and I enjoy learning when I get to participate with them.  It’s good for them to see me excited about learning as well.


You can outsource through online classes, co-op classes, or tutors.  I see a variety of these options in our homeschool future.  

Are you looking for some online class options for your homeschool?  I created a list of classes for elementary-aged children


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5 thoughts on “Why I Like Outsourcing Some of My Homeschool Subjects

  1. Sure 🙂 I'm going to have a list of available programs on Monday. But right now we are doing Veritas Press Self-Paced History and my kids love it! (I'll be writing a review soon!). We've also done classes from Bridgeway Academy which we love. We've done book clubs through CurrClick. We've also taken a class about American symbols from Founders Academy (class was on CurrClick). We are also trying Homeschool Piano which is online and are about to start Visual Latin which is another online program. Some of these are live classes and others are online and not live.

  2. Yes! It is so nice to outsource a few things! With lots of littles online classes are a little easier than trying to get everyone out the door. Plus, we don't have a great track record with co-ops……I've blogged about that as well. So we're sticking with individualized online classes for a few things to enhance our homeschool. It's great!

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