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While we enjoy science at our house, I can’t say that I enjoy actually performing the experiments.  It’s just too much work!  So, we were excited to review some Go Science videos from Library and Educational Services!

Go Science Review

What is it?  
Library and Educational Services is a wholesale distributor of educational supplies.  They provide resources for schools, libraries, churches, missionaries, and homeschool families.  It is free to register an account and then you have access to their great discount prices.

They have a wide variety of books, CD’s, DVD’s, and curricula.  All resources are chosen for their portrayal of Christian values or family-friendly content.  All the science resources are free from evolution teaching and contain only creation concepts.

Go Science Review

Go Science is a series of science DVD’s hosted and performed by Ben Roy who is a science educator at a university in Tennessee.  These programs were originally filmed as part of a larger kids program but the shows on the DVD are just the short science segments that were part of that show.  Each show contains a different science experiment to demonstrate a topic.  Then Ben Roy explains each step of the experiment as well as the concepts.

In this second series of Go Science DVD’s there are 7 different DVD’s in the set.  Each DVD focuses on different science topics.

Volume 1: Sound, Gravity, Space
Volume 2: Life Science, Weather
Volume 3: Air
Volume 4: Motion, Friction, Electricity, Light
Volume 5: States of Matter, Water
Volume 6: Chemistry
Volume 7: Engineering, Design, Flight

Each DVD contains short segments of different science experiments.  Each short episode might be only 10-15 minutes each but there are several on each DVD so that the DVD’s are a little longer than an hour each.

Go Science Review

We received Volume 1 and 2 so we studied concepts of sound, gravity, space, life science, and weather.

Here are a few of the concepts and experiments that we watched on our two DVD’s:

  • Spirometer – The host made a homemade spirometer to measure lung capacity
  • Iron in Cereal – He used magnets to see if cereal includes iron.
  • Fire Tornado – He showed how hot air rises and mixes with cold air to make a giant fire tornado.
  • Liquid Nitrogen – He used liquid nitrogen to cause bottles to explode.
  • Ruben’s Tube – He used a Ruben’s tube to measure sound waves with fire.
  • Shattering Glass – He used sound waves to shatter glass.
  • Air Pressure Ping Pong – He used air pressure to shoot ping pong balls to crush aluminum cans.
  • Liquid Nitrogen Cloud – He used liquid nitrogen to make a cloud.

These DVD’s are marketed to children ages 4-12 but I found that my 3-year-old loved to watch them, and my husband and I found them interesting as well.  They are great family-friendly entertainment.

Go Science Review

How did we use it?
The kids often piled on the couch and watched a few science experiments while my husband and I were cooking dinner.  We had to stop this practice quickly for two reasons – my kids wanted to watch the entire DVD in one sitting because they wanted to see ALL of the experiments, and my husband and I were so distracted with watching the science DVD’s that we almost ruined our dinner on more than one occasion.

So, we switched our tactics and used these as a family movie night.  Watching science shows for family movie night?  Yes!  It was fun for all of us.

We grabbed snacks and found comfy chairs in the office and watched the shows on the big screen.  All of my kids from age 3 to age 8 loved the experiments and the show.  While I didn’t think I would be particularly interested, I found that both my husband and I enjoyed watching the shows as much as our kids did.  We all learned new science concepts and found some of the experiments to be amazing and exciting to watch.

This summer you’ll find us in the office watching science shows on a Friday night with our popcorn and our puppy chow!  Yes, we just might be a homeschool family!

What did we think?
When we started the first episode I was a little worried that my kids might find the host a little cheesy due to his extremely enthusiastic manner.  However, once he started talking more about the science concepts and began his different demonstrations, that fear melted away.  While the host is sometimes a little corny, he does some amazing experiments and my kids were mesmerized.  They didn’t find it silly at all and I found the science interesting myself.  The host is very enthusiastic but I found that as the DVD progressed, we caught a little of his excitement and were glued to the screen.

I love how the host takes a few kids from the audience to “help” him with his experiments.  My kids really enjoyed seeing the other kids participate in each experiment.  It was much more fun than simply watching an adult perform experiments on his own.  The audience participation added so much to each show.

Some of the experiments were done outdoors and were rather large in scale.  My kids loved this part and were thrilled with those experiments.  For example, he floated a giant solar balloon, which looked like huge trash bags, up into the sky.  He also caused soda bottles to explode and barrels to shoot sky-high through using liquid nitrogen.  Impressive!

Science is not my strongest subject and I don’t really enjoy doing the experiments.  How awesome to be able to watch someone perform the experiments for you and then clearly explain the concepts.  These DVD’s are a wonderful teaching tool and a great addition to our science supplies.  Some of these experiments are not ones that I could replicate at home because the equipment is expensive or too difficult to explain.  I won’t be blowing things up with liquid nitrogen anytime soon, so I was so glad my kids could watch messy, explosive, exciting, and complicated science experiments and learn about them.

Each episode clearly points to God as the creator of all things.  The host mentions God’s wonderful designs and different attributes of God that are evident in creation.  In fact, he ends every episode with a little tagline, “Whenever we learn more about science, we learn more about our creator, God.”  I appreciated that he took multiple opportunities to point to the wonder of God’s creation.

My wrap up!
We love these science DVD’s and we will absolutely have to order more!  The host is enthusiastic about science and has audience participation and children helpers for each experiment.  Then he performs some really amazing experiments with excellent explanations and teaching of the concepts.

Our entire family has learned new science concepts and been wowed by the experiments on the DVD’s.  There is a great variety of topics covered and experiments performed so that we will be able to use these DVD’s for years to come as we cover different science topics in our homeschool.

More info….
The DVD’s can be purchased individually at a wholesale price of $8.97 each or as a set at the wholesale price of $59.82.

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