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I blogged about my new discovery – outsourcing a homeschool class.  I have found that I love having an outsourced class here and there in our homeschool schedule.  It’s such a huge burden off of me and my kids were thrilled with the change of pace the other class provided.  So far, we’ve only tried online classes but we’ve found them to be wonderful and engaging.

Here is a list of some computer or DVD-based homeschool class options:

Bridgeway Academy – Offers 9-week learning labs in different subjects. 

Founders Academy – Offers classes for history, government, and economics for elementary ages.

Classes through CurrClick – Offers classes in a variety of subjects for all ages.  They even offer free book clubs for Magic Treehouse books and American Girl books.

Athenas Advanced Academy – Offers classes in subjects such as writing, history, science, and languages.  There is no minimum age requirement to enroll for the courses but there are recommended ability levels for each class.  Many of the classes are geared for upper elementary and older. 

BJU online or DVD programs – Offers all subjects through online courses of DVD-based classes.  (I especially want to try their science courses!)

Veritas Press – Offers self-paced history and Bible courses for elementary ages. 

Compass Classroom – Offers Latin classes via download or DVD for upper elementary.

Time for Writing – Offers writing instruction with instructor feedback for a variety of age levels.

Memoria Press – Offers classes for all ages but has a few courses for youngers – such as literature and classical studies, and classical composition. 

Institute for Excellence in Writing – Offers online writing courses for all ages and has a class for Student Writing Intensive Level A (also includes grammar) for grades 4-6.

Classical Academic Press – Offers Latin, Spanish, Bible, and Writing for grades 4th and above.

Landry Academy – Offers online classes in all subject areas for grades 4th and above.  

Essentials in Writing – Offers DVD-based courses in writing for grades 1 and older.

Heritage History – Offers an online Young Readers course with a survey of literature that is appropriate for upper elementary students.

History at Our House – Offers online history courses for 2nd grade and above. 

Homeschool Spanish Academy – Offers online instruction with native speakers for elementary ages and above.

This list is not exhaustive.  I tried to include only options that I found that have options for elementary students.  There are many other options for middle school and high school that I have not listed.  

Have you tried any online classes?  How did they enhance your homeschool?

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5 thoughts on “Online Classes for Homeschoolers

  1. We are doing a Time4Writing high school paragraphs course right now, about half way through. I have to say it is amazing. My daughter seems to butt heads with me a lot, and writing is one of the worst places because it is my passion. Having another teacher takes some of the pressure off of me and allows my daughter to experience being responsible to another teacher. (Hard deadlines, revisions, different style of teacher, following instructions, etc)
    I would also recommend Time4Learning if you are looking to outsource classes. I find that their math is particularly comprehensive, without the mass quantities of repetition my daughter dislikes!
    Thanks so much for your list, going to check out Homeschool Spanish Academy right now!

  2. Lexi, Thanks for mentioning Founders Academy. I'm so glad you could attend our recent Flag Day class. It's neat that you remembered my lesson that our flag is a symbol of our nation! My online classes are designed to help you in your homeschooling. As a homeschool veteran of three busy kids, I understand that you just want some help now and then. You don't want someone to come and take over your schedule. I look forward to having your family in class again soon.

  3. Thanks for the feedback on the Time4Writing one. It sounded really neat!

    And you're welcome for mentioning Founders Academy! My kids really enjoyed the class they attended. I hope we can do some more in the future.

    We have so enjoyed our few online classes. They have been a great enhancement to our homeschool!

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