Day in the Life – Summer School Edition

What does a typical day in our summer school look like?

Well, first there’s not really a “typical” day.  We swim most Mondays and some Fridays.  On Wednesday we head to Sea World for most of the morning.  On Tuesday and Thursday we usually have home days and sometimes we have friends over to visit and play.  

We get up early in the morning and do a few school things and save music practice, history reading, science experiments, art projects, and read alouds for the afternoon when it’s too hot to go outside.  

Here’s an inside glance into one of our summer days……..

 I get Curly up early for some time with me.  We have Bible time together, work on our study of the 50 states, do a little math, and work on some grammar review.  
We enjoy some breakfast together as everyone tries to wake up.
After breakfast, everyone puts on swim suits and packs the pool bag.
Then we throw everything into the car to head to the pool.  
We swim for an hour or two and then head home to shower and make lunch.
While I make lunch, the big kids take turns practicing piano. 
During lunch we watch our history videos and Curly takes a few notes.
Then Punkin takes her nap while we get ready for a little school time.
I spend a few minutes working on math and reading with Tiger and Bee while Curly helps Ladybug on the computer.
We do our Bible reading together and read a few chapters from Little Pilgrim’s Progress.  
Next, we do a few science experiments.
Then we divide and conquer as Tiger reads to Curly while I read to Bee.
Then I read to Tiger while Curly works on some things on the computer.
Last, I read to Curly while the kids work on an art project.

How’s your summer going?  Do you still do a little bit of school or do you take the entire summer off?

6 thoughts on “Day in the Life – Summer School Edition

  1. Sounds like days full of learning and fun! I'm looking forward to the last week of July when hubby's time off coincides with our village festival as well as Love Parks Week in the area and a few other things. It'll be lots of learning and outdoor fun!

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