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Yes, we do have a schedule around here for our summer time days.  And yes, we do school year round.  We like the random breaks throughout the school year and the time off to enjoy nice weather or take an impromptu trip.  Plus, there is nothing worse than starting the new school year and realizing that the children have literally lost their minds and can no longer do simple math or read words that contain more than 3 letters.  So, even though we don’t school every day, we do sneak in a few things and some extra studies that we weren’t able to get to during our regular year.

I have two schedules.  One is for a regular day where we are at home and are planning to do some school work.  We’ll probably have two of these days per week.  Some weeks I’m sure we’ll be out and doing things so we won’t need this schedule.

For the other 3 days, we have an alternate schedule which is called the “Swim Schedule.”  This is for days that we’re out of the house all morning swimming or on a field trip or at the park.  On these days we’ll do a few things in the afternoon since it’s too hot to be outside.

Having a schedule makes our day run so much smoother and the kids are less likely to wind up fighting, arguing, and complaining about how “bored” they are!

You can see our summer lineup here of all the fun plans that we have scheduled.  This summer you’ll find us studying about horses, reading wonderful literature, practicing our Spanish, and doing science experiments as we learn about God’s creation.  Ohhh, and don’t forget all the art projects that I have planned!  Summer time is full of art and projects!

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  1. Lexi I have been following your blog for a couple of years now. I know you use TOG and have all lower grammar children. Reading on various forums a lot of people say TOG isn't worth using for this age. But knowing that you do, I was wondering if you could tell me how you use the curriculum. I just read on the WTM forum that at the lower grammar level TOG is really just a book list. Do you find this to be true? Are you planning on sticking it out through all levels? Thanks in advance.

  2. I did not use TOG much this last year because I was overwhelmed with recovering from our 3rd move in less than 2 years. So I was feeling crazy and I simply used Story of the World. To get the most out of TOG you would want to spend time reading through the weekly threads and bringing out the themes of each week to compliment the readings. But there were times it did feel like a booklist to me because I wasn't putting in the planning time like I should.

    I plan to go back to it once I have a few more independent readers in my house. I feel really bogged down with trying to teach two kiddos to read simultaneously. It is zapping all my time. In addition my hubby just graduated with his PhD so the past two years have been so full of his dissertation work that I have tried to streamline. But I do love it and I want to go back to it.

    However, I just got a review of Veritas Press online self-paced history and I'm loving it right now. It's so easy and so thorough and I love watching it with my kids.

    So I'm trying to decide if I have the planning time to jump back into TOG for next year. But yes, I do find it challenging with little people because I don't know enough history to make it truly come alive and tie it all together for them right now. I thought I would read ahead and that didn't happen sadly. I wanted something that was more predictable week to week so I went with Story of the World. I want to make it work but I felt I lacked the time.

    But I definitely want to start migrating back toward it especially since Curly is now a very strong reader and is ready for some simple discussion. I think I'm seeing the light at the end of the tunnel and I can envision where we will be one day.

  3. I know you haven't used TOG Primer but what do you think of having an intro to the full curriculum before starting the four year cycle? Did you ever wish you had an intro before jumping into grammar level work?

    When you do go back to TOG do you think you will continue using Story of the World as a spine? So many people talk about having a spine and filling in the details with living books and literature. Does TOG needa spine or does it already have that built in?

    Thanks for answering my questions.

  4. I think the intro would be perfect. I gave my K and PreK an American History intro this past year and I think the basic foundation will be so helpful. So I would be all about the intro course if I had started out that way.

    Yes, I think the intro would be better – less overwhelming and giving you a good idea of the overall picture of history.

    I do like using SOTW as a spine. Sometimes I felt a little scattered with the TOG topics because I didn't do a good job reading the weekly overview and teacher's notes to make sure we were covering the main ideas for each week. So, I felt like I was always afraid I was skipping something. SOTW gives such a good concise story that makes sure to hit all the high points of each topic. I really liked the overview.

    In the lower levels it appears that TOG offers SOTW alternate readings if you want a spine. I haven't looked through much of the upper levels. But I'm finding that I enjoy having a spine with books as a spin-off. Just reading the various literature books without having one main book to work through made it hard for me to see progress. I like to see that we're moving through something. I felt more organized when I had a spine. So, even in the upper levels I'll find something to use as a spine even if it's just a history encyclopedia.

    I went to SOTW because it was simpler and streamlined. It has maps, coloring pages, suggested books, 1-2 chapters per week to read in the book, and some activities (that we didn't do many of…..). So it was just faster and easier to use while we were trying to move and get settled.

    My plan is to migrate back toward TOG while still using a spine – especially for those weeks when we don't get to tons of extra reading. It makes me feel less stressed knowing we have that shortened version of the story in our spine.

  5. Thank you Lexi for answering all of my questions. This has helped me tremendously with figuring out how to approach TOG. At the end of last week I was researching science curriculum and went to YouTube to see if anyone has posted videos for using Nancy Larson science and to my surprise one of the first videos I saw was your explanation of using the program at the K level. I went through all of the videos that I could find and I think we're definitely going to use the program. So thank you for making all of those videos explaining your experiences.

  6. You're welcome!
    That's so funny! I helped make some of the Nancy Larson videos! It's one of our favorite products that we use. I'm glad the videos were helpful. Let me know if you have any questions about the program!

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