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We do some schooling over the summer when we’re not outside swimming, playing in the sprinklers, going on field trips, or hanging out at the park.  It is nice to have some days with a normal routine and it’s even better when my kids have not forgotten everything they learned the year before once we begin our new school year.  So, we do some review, keep moving forward in some subjects, and try some new studies for other subjects.


Language Arts – We’ll use the guides from Memoria Press and keep working on the Fable Writing Curriculum from Classical Academic Press.
We’re also going to try the G.U.M Drops book for grammar and editing practice.

Math – We’ll keep moving forward with Beast Academy and I think we’ll try to begin the next level of Right Start Math Level D.   She will also finish Math Mammoth 2

Science – We tried out the new book from Dr. Jay Wile – Science in the Beginning.  Then we put it aside to finish our regular curriculum.  But we so loved the curriculum that we want to complete it in full so we’ll work on it over the summer.

History – We’re going to try the history of the horse study guide from Beautiful Feet.  I can’t wait to read all the wonderful literature that goes with the study guide!

Bible – We’re going to use one of the worldview books from Apologia – What on Earth Can I Do?  We’ll work through the journal notebook together.

Languages – Curly will begin working on Rosetta Stone Spanish again.  I’ve been trying to find time to fit that back in.  It will be good review as we prepare for continuing our Spanish studies next year.  


He will join in with Science, History, and possibly Bible with Curly.  I’m hoping to combine them in those subjects next fall so I thought we would start now with combining for our fun summer studies.

Language Arts – We’re going to keep working on learning to read!  Phonics, phonics, phonics for this guy!  We’ll have just finished All About Reading Level 1 and I have a huge stack of readers that we’ll work through together.  He’ll spend some time reading to me every day.  He’ll also finish Logic of English Foundations B.
We’ll also use the Progeny Press Literature Guides for Lower Elementary (I forgot I had a few of them downloaded!!).  

Math – We’ll keep moving in Right Start B and working on Math Mammoth 1.  He might be ready for Right Start Level C by fall!

Languages – Tiger will keep working on Song School Spanish as we learn the songs, memorize the vocabulary, and practice together.  


Language Arts – Bee will start practicing her reading by going through Bob books with me.  Every day we’ll do some handwriting and reading practice.  She will also work through Logic of English Foundations B.

Math –  Bee will keep moving forward in Right Start A.  I’m hoping she’ll be almost done by the next school year.

Bible – We will read a picture Bible together and sing Bible songs.   

Languages – Bee will work with Tiger in Song School Spanish as we cover about 1 lesson every 2 weeks.  She loves singing the songs with us!

I also hope to continue memory work with everyone as we memorize poems.  I’m going to add in some history memory work (from Story of the World Volume 2 that we used this year) as well as Bible memory work (from Bible Study Guide for All Ages – the timeline and the Bible Summary Cards). 

And we’ll always have tons of read alouds happening at our house during the hot afternoons! 

I’m also hoping to get in some more art either by using Atelier or Artistic Pursuits.  Or maybe I can convince my hubby to order me some more DVD’s from See the Light Art.  

We’ll also be reading Little Pilgrim’s Progress together which is a summer tradition at our house.  My kids look forward to reading it with me every summer!!

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  1. I'm glad to hear that you liked the Science in the Beginning. That is what is in queue for next year for us through My Father's World. We're also going to be starting the Apologia Bible series! I can't wait!

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