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Recently my iPad took an unfortunate fall down our stairs.  Thankfully the device is still usable but I was looking for more protection for my hubby’s iPad to avoid the same accident – enter the Trident Case!  We had the chance to review the Kraken A.M.S. Case for Apple iPad 2/3/4.

Trident Case Review

What is it? 
Trident Case offers a variety of protective cases for electronic devices such as iPads, iPhones, Samsung Galaxy, and Kindle as well as many others.  Trident cases were developed to be the toughest available cases to provide the maximum amount of protection.  The cases come in a variety of colors and can even be customized and are for any age.

Trident Case Review
Kraken A.M.S. Case for Apple iPad 2/3/4 includes a silicone lined case with a durable polycarbonate exterior.  It also contains a built-in screen protector.  This case is designed to protect the iPad and withstand drops, falls, dust, and rain.

Some of the features include:

  • protected ports that keep dust out of the various plug-in ports and buttons
  • enhanced sound to funnel the sound from the device
  • bio-enhanced plastic that is recyclable 
  • vibration protection

The case can be purchased in 8 different colors such as blue, pink, red, black, green, and purple.

There are additional features that can be purchased to work with the case such as a stand, windshield mount, headrest mount, and bike mount.

Trident Case Review
How did I use this product?
I received a black case for my husband’s iPad.  I let him do the honors of taking the case out of the packaging and putting it on his iPad – mostly because he didn’t quite trust me to figure it out.  

Once the case was in place on the iPad it was time to let the kids use it during our school time.  It was used for movie watching and for educational apps.  My husband and I used it for browsing and watching movies.  And in the short time we’ve had the case it has traveled with my husband on business trips to Kansas, California, and other towns within Texas.

What did we think?
The case was very durable and I felt it protected our iPad from all the bumps and drops that it receives from being used by 4 small children.  The screen was well-protected with the screen case and it was still easy to select buttons.  The case did not interfere with the functionality of the screen or any of the buttons or ports.  With this case on my iPad it seemed indestructible.  

The case must be pulled apart and carefully placed on the iPad and then snapped into place.  It took a little “elbow grease” to get the case separated so we could put in our iPad.  My husband and I were both afraid of breaking the case or not separating the pieces properly.  More detailed instructions would have been helpful.  Even though the case is supposed to be durable and protect the iPad, we were both nervous about damaging the case as we tried to separate it and then put it in place on the iPad.

While the product did say that it would enhance the sound of the iPad I’m not sure I could notice a difference in volume our sound quality.  The case definitely did not mute the speakers or cause the sound to be lower but I could not hear a louder volume from the iPad once the case was in place.

The product makes the iPad rather heavy.  So while our iPad was well-protected, it was not as easy to cart around the house or take on trips because of the weight and bulkiness of the case.

What I missed most while having this case on our iPad was the keyboard and the stand.  We use our iPad for educational purposes to visit websites, watch movies, play apps, and do some typing on various websites.  Because the case did not have a built-in stand (although one can be purchased) it was necessary to prop up our iPad while we were using it.  I also missed having an external keyboard because my kids find the on-screen keyboard to be sometimes difficult to use.

My wrap up!
I felt this case was extremely durable and it protected the iPad very well.  Once the case was on the iPad it was easy to use all the iPad features such as the ports, buttons, and touch screen.  However, we did find that we missed having a stand and a keyboard.  The case also made the iPad very heavy and bulky.  Since our regular iPad is used mostly in our home for educational purposes, I’m not sure we need a case quite this heavy and thick.  My husband did appreciate the protection the case gave his iPad when he traveled with it but he did find that the iPad weighed down his backpack quite a bit and didn’t make the iPad much less weight and bulk than his small laptop.

So, this product would be excellent for an iPad that will see lots of use – especially outdoor use.  It did provide excellent protection for our iPad.

Trident Case Review

More info….

This case can be purchased for $69.95

The various attachments for this case can be viewed on their website product page

You can find Trident Case on various social media platforms


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