Mad Mom Skills

No one told me motherhood would come with a whole new skill set.  These skills are not ones that you necessarily learn – they are somehow innate or inborn.  Where did they come from?  I’m not sure.  I’m also not sure how they are exactly helpful in other areas of life.  But every mom has some crazy skills that will wow you.  And not all moms have the same skills.  Nope, every mom has a unique skill set that equip her to face the individualized needs of her family.

Here are my mad mom skills:

1) I can put together tiny model dinosaurs in 5 minutes flat – less than half the time it takes my hubby.  Don’t ask me to use a drill or even change a light bulb.  But when my son wants his T-Rex or brontosaurus in one piece, I’m there. 

2)  With every child that I had to potty train I had a baby in arms while I was trying to do it.  I got crazy good at running to the bathroom while still nursing the baby, helping the toddler get on the potty while still clinging to the nursing baby, and helping the successful potty-training child wash hands while still nursing that baby.

3)  Strangely I never hear the alarm clock in the morning.  My husband swears that I’m trying to ignore it but I promise that I’m just too tired to hear it.  But I can hear a child whimpering after a nightmare even when I’m sound asleep in my bedroom downstairs and halfway across the house.

4)  No matter where I am and where my children are in the house or out in public, if any one of them ever has “that cough,” you now the one that precedes vomiting, I can hear it and I know what’s coming.  I have great vomit prediction skills.

5) I can keep track of all the sippie cups, water bottles, and milk cups and remember which cup belonged to which child.  This is quite a task since every day each child chooses a new cup in whatever color they want.  Somehow I know who claims the red, purple, green, or yellow water bottle and who had the orange and blue, yellow and pink, and red and turquoise milk cup.  

6) I can remember where all the dropped blankies and stuffed animals are in the house.  I can also find them when they are “lost” by my kids.  It’s like some type of radar location that I have.  I just know that the pink blankie was in the pantry, the giraffe was under the piano, the red blankie is in the laundry room, and the pig is beside the tub.  When bedtime rolls around and all the kids start whining I’m able to yell out locations for all the little lovies that we cannot sleep without.

7) I can pick up dropped items with my toes while I am simultaneously holding a child on each hip.  I have even been able to type short notes with my toes.  My hands are always full so I make good use of my hot pink painted toes when I can!

8) I can read a book aloud while I am pacing around the room trying to soothe a fussy baby.  My kids love books and love being read too – our house is rarely quiet enough for that to happen.  So, I have to find every opportunity to sneak in some reading time!

9) I can get a double stroller through a single door with a giant diaper bag over my shoulder and I can correctly gauge the exact amount of extra space clearance room that I need on either side of the door frame.  I’ve never come to a threshold that I could not cross!

10) I can make the same (somewhat dirty and stained) homeschool outfit look good every day of the week – according to my hubby.  I’m not sure if he’s being sarcastic or not…..but I’ll take the compliment!

Isn’t it fun how we are all equipped for motherhood to meet the unique needs of our own families?  
So, do you have any mad mom skills that you’ve discovered?

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