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The Boxcar Children – All of my children have loved this book that tells the story of 4 children who live on their own in a boxcar.  Their favorite parts are always when the children build their own swimming pool and find their dog Watch.

Cyrus the Unsinkable Sea Serpent – We love books by Bill Peet at our house and this is one of our favorites.  The book tells the story of Cyrus the Sea Serpent who wants to wreck a ship but decides to save a ship he sees being attacked by pirates.  It’s heartwarming and cute with beautiful illustrations.

Lady Lollipop – One very spoiled princess wants a pig for her birthday and her parents are happy to bow to her every whim.  What the princess doesn’t realize is that everyone in her family will learn lessons in being humble and kind from the little boy who is the pig’s caretaker and even from the pig herself.

A Weekend with Wendell – This is by another of our favorite authors.  We love the little mice in these books!  This book is about Wendell who is staying at his friend’s house for the weekend.  Wendell doesn’t share, is bossy, is rude, and is making everyone miserable.  He gets an up close look at his own behavior when his friend turns the tables on him, but by the end of the story both little mice have learned that it’s much more fun to share and play together.

Funny Frank – Poor little Frank is a chicken who desperately wants to be a duck.  His owners fashion flippers and a little wetsuit for him so he can go swimming around the pond with the ducks.  Later he realizes what he’s missing out on by being a chicken and decides to join his flock again after heroically saving another chicken. 


Gooney Bird Greene – Gooney Bird Greene is a hilarious and the most flamboyant and creative student in her class.  She is famous for her outlandish story-telling of only absolutely true stories.  My kids love hearing her descriptive stories and reading about her wacky outfits.

Henry Huggins – Henry Huggins is a boy who finds a dog, has an over abundance of guppies, and goes on a worm hunt to finance his purchase of a new football.  He’s an All American boy who learns about hard work and friendship.  Tiger loved his misadventures and his exploits.

Mr. Popper’s Penguins – Mr. Popper gets some penguins, creates a traveling show, and finds more work than he ever bargained for in this book.  Tiger loved reading about the hilarious antics of the penguins and all the problems they cause for Mr. Popper.  We even have this one on audio book.

Charlotte’s Web – Yes, this book is sad but it’s also touching, funny, and inspiring.  Tiger loved reading about the ingenious plan to save the pig’s life and how the farm animals are united for one cause.

Stone Soup – Some hungry soldiers trick the towns people into feeding them a filling meal of soup that began with just one stone.  Tiger enjoyed hearing about how the soldiers used the power of persuasion to encourage the greedy towns people to part with some of their food with the end result being a meal that everyone could share. 


The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe – I was so excited to read C.S. Lewis with Curly.  I love these beautifully written allegorical books.  Curly was swept away into Narnia where she experienced the wonder and magic of that fantasy land while understanding the metaphor of Aslan as representative of Christ.  It sparked such wonderful discussions!

Gooseberry Park – This is the heartwarming story of a loyal dog, a young mother squirrel and her babies, and a slightly crazy little bat.  The dog, with the help of the bat, rescues the baby squirrels after an ice storm and hatches a plan to find the mother squirrel who is missing.  Curly laughed at the silliness of the animals and we were both touched by the story of friendship and loyalty.

Remarkable – In the town of Remarkable, everyone is very remarkably talented except for one young girl.  Through the story she comes to realize that being remarkable can sometimes be hidden under the pretense of being rather ordinary and that everyone has a touch of something special inside.  Curly loved the creative and imaginative town of Remarkable and was encouraged that extraordinary deeds can be done by those who might seem otherwise ordinary.

From the Mixed Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler – Two children run away to the Metropolitan Museum of Art and discover a mystery surrounding a statue.  Is it a Michelangelo or not?  Through their investigation they uncover the secret of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler and learn the truth.  This was a fun adventure which Curly could not wait to finish so she could also learn the truth about the statue.  We both enjoyed the mystery and learned that sometimes it’s the unknown that can be most exciting.

Dealing with Dragons – Princess Cimorene is not a typical princess; she does not want to get married so she volunteers to be the princess of a green dragon, Kazul.  While being the caretaker of Kazul and her cave, the princess uncovers a plot by some wizards and saves the dragons from the evil scheme.  Curly enjoyed the princess’ wit, sarcasm, intuition, and daring. 


Journeys of Faithfulness – I love this devotional that gives you an intimate look into the lives of women in the Bible and how their lives showed faithfulness to God.

The Power of an Positive Mom – This book gave great tips for remaining positive and making sure our kids see us as an encourager.  It was a much-needed read for the middle of our school year when I was feeling less than encouraging!

Sex Begins in the Kitchen – I love books by Kevin Leman because they are funny and honest.  This is one of my favorite marriage books that tells you what makes your spouse tick while helping you improve your relationship.

The Birth Order Book – It was fun to see how the personality of each of my children has been shaped by their birth order.  This book was dead-on when pinpointing their personalities. 

Don’t Make Me Count to 3 – This is one of the best discipline books I have read.  The focus is on getting to the heart of your child and working to change their responses from the inside out.

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