Ultimate Blog Party 2014

I’m joining up with the Ultimate Blog Party again this year!  Of course, I’m fashionably late this year as well!

Ultimate Blog Party 2014

Thanks for visiting Lextin Academy!

What is Lextin?

Lexi plus Justin equals Lextin.  (That’s me and the hubby.)  We started our family’s adventure in 2003 when we tied the knot.  Now our household has grown to include 5 wonderfully precocious kids who keep life interesting.

I was a homeschool graduate and I had hoped to homeschool my own children.  After lots of prayerful conversations, my husband agreed to beginning our homeschool adventure.  Now we have a 2nd grader, kindergartner, preschooler, toddler, and baby in our little school room.  We enjoy our homeschool life and the family memories we create.  We can’t imagine our life any other way!

I blog about our family life, homeschool adventures, favorite curricula, learning tips, marriage advice, art projects, and motherhood.  I also write numerous curricula reviews for the Homeschool Crew.  My blog is as eclectic as our classically-based homeschool!

Who are the members of Lextin Academy?

I’m a Christ-follower, bibliophile, introvert, and an organized Type A personality.  Homeschooling has taught me the art of being flexible and creative.  I’ve developed an entirely new level of patience that I never thought possible!

My husband is a graduate student who will be finishing his PhD in Personal Financial Planning this spring.  He currently works at a planning firm and also teaches business courses as an online adjunct for several universities.  When his life isn’t dictated by studying, writing, and grading he loves to lead our munchkin crew on adventures outdoors and at the pool.

Curly is our firstborn and in typical firstborn style she is the organized and bossy leader of the littles.  She likes things “just so” and has a passion for reading and anything historical.  She is motivated, driven, and thinks she is simply a miniature adult. 

Tiger is the only boy in our crew and he loves anything about dragons, pirates, or adventure.  He enjoys all sports and anything active and takes after his daddy in his amazing math abilities.  Tiger is always on the move and does most of his school while jumping on his chair or hanging from our homeschool table. 

Bee is our middle child who doesn’t get lost in the shuffle because we must carefully monitor her multiple severe food allergies.  She is the artsy and musical child who is the compassionate kind-heart.  She’s also the other mother to her younger sisters.

Ladybug is the toddler terror who has a touch of tomboy.  She is loud and boisterous, but adorably polite and sensitive.  She and Tiger have a special bond as they sword fight and play outdoors.  She lives for our school time which is a fun mixture of various craft projects or sensory tubs.

Punkin is the youngest and enjoys being the center of attention.  She follows her siblings around and insists on being in the middle of the action.  She is snuggly and sweet but very busy because she recently discovered that she can walk anywhere she wants to go.

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  1. Loved this, even though I knew most of it from following you and being on the crew… it's fun to learn a little more about other fellow bloggers, mommas, and homeschoolers…

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