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We were excited to try out an online math tutoring program, CTC Math, with a 12 month family plan of the homeschool version for Curly, Tiger, Bee, and myself.  The kids were excited to do a little something different for math and have some individual computer time while they learned. 

CTC Math Review

What is it?
CTC Math is a completely online math tutoring program which contains over 1,300 animated lessons with interactive questions and tests.  The program also provides feedback for students as well as progress reports for parents.

CTC Math has programs for Kindergarten level math up through Calculus so it would work well for ages 4 up through high school age (or even for adults who want to brush up on skills).  Each level is broken into topics and subtopics for quick and easy searching.  Also, a student can start at the beginning of a grade level program and work through each lesson or the student can select the various topics in which they need help and work only on those lessons.

CTC Math Review

Each section contains a standard test and a comprehensive test to help determine correct placement for a student or provide a review of concepts learned. 

I received a 12-month family plan  which allowed me to have a sign in for up to 10 students.  Each student has access to the material in any level with the membership.  You can easily switch between levels and topics for each student.

How did we use this product?
I created a login for Curly, Tiger, Bee, and myself.  Curly used the 2nd grade level, Tiger the 1st grade level, and Bee the K level.  I brushed up on some pre-algebra and algebra topics for myself.

Before starting each section, I had my kids take the standard test to see how well they understood the material in that section.  Then they worked through the section on their own, repeating sections in which they did not receive a 100%.  My kids worked to complete each level with a 95% or higher.  (As you redo the levels and achieve a higher score, the score averages and will slowly go up with each attempt).

My kids would first watch the short video lesson of 5 to 10 minutes.  After the lesson, they would complete the assignment which was a set of interactive questions.  The questions gave instant feedback if an answer was correct or incorrect while also giving the correct answer.  If they ever struggled with the questions, I had them go back and rewatch the lesson video.

They were usually able to complete more than one lesson per day since the lessons are fairly short.

Once they completed a section, I had them take the comprehensive test to see how well they did.  This allowed me to assess their understanding of the concepts from the section.

I worked on lessons in the pre-algebra and algebra sections.  These sections have a teaching video followed by a worksheet.  There are multiple choice answers at the bottom of the worksheet (with more answer choices than problems on the worksheet).  To have the worksheet scored, you enter your answer choice into the program and submit your answers.  The program gives you the ability to correct any wrong answer choices before moving forward.  Once the answers have all been entered, you can view the solutions.  There is also an option to view a lesson summary page to remind you of the concepts taught in the lesson.

What did we think?
My kids really loved having an online math program.  They found it fun to do math in a different and interactive way.  They enjoyed the short videos and found it especially fun that the narrator had an Australian accent.

The questions at the end of the section were great review and practice for them.  There were also a limited number of questions (often around 10) so it was enough for practice without being overwhelmingly long for my little people.

The lessons were narrated well and the topics were clearly illustrated through the use of graphics and numbers on the screen.  It was easy for my kids to follow along and understand.  The assignment questions, however, did not have sound.  For the K and 1st grade level, there were a few questions that did require some reading so my children needed help in completing those.  I would have preferred there to be an option to have the instructions or questions read to them so they could work on their own.  For the most part they were able to complete the questions on their own with a few exceptions of time that they needed help.

I loved the aspect of repeating the assignments to achieve a higher score.  My kids were motivated to work on a gold or platinum level with 90% accuracy or above.  This meant that they would have to repeat the assignments for sections with lower scores in order to raise their scores.  Sometimes, they completed a section 3 or 4 times to bring up their average score.  It also helped show them areas in which they were weaker on concepts so they could know what to practice more.

I received weekly assessments and progress reports when my children completed an entire topic section in the lessons or when they were working at a higher level of proficiency.  I enjoyed receiving each email so I could easily monitor what sections had been completed by each child.  I found these progress reports to be very helpful.

I liked that each student could choose how the sections on which to work.  It was easy to find topics and have students work only in those sections or to have them start at the beginning of a grade level program and work straight through.  I enjoyed having the flexibility of deciding how they were going to use the program and even switching them to different grade levels or topics as needed.  

While I found the questions at the end of each lesson to be comprehensive for that topic and to be adequate practice, they did not contain review questions from previous lessons.  Each topic section could be used as a stand-alone and done in any order.  This is perfect when using the sections in various orders for focused practice or review.  However, if starting at the beginning of a grade level and working straight through, there might not be enough practice of topics from previous sections.  While I could use the comprehensive tests in each section as a review, I sometimes wished for an easier way to have built-in review and more consistent practice of previous topics for my kids.

My wrap up!
Our family has greatly enjoyed this math product with the clear explanations in the lesson videos and the practice problems.  I have seen my kids work on math independently and also enjoy their time of math practice.  I liked that I could switch between levels and topics as needed and that each child could work at the pace that was best for them – repeating lessons as many times as needed.

Although CTC Math can be a full curriculum, it did not contain review within each lesson.  My kids need quite a bit of review so I had to be creative in using the different tests at various points in order to make sure the topics were reviewed on a regular basis.  Because of the lack of built-in review, this program worked best as a supplement to our regular program.  We are going to keep using this product throughout the summer and the next school year, however, because we all enjoy it so much.

More info…..

Currently CTC math is having a special sale on the homeschool membership!

Single Student
Monthly $11.97
6 Months $50.80
1 Year $78.80

Membership for 2 or more students
Monthly $15.97
6 Months $78.80
1 Year $118.80

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  1. It was so nice to hear zero complaints about math time! I was nervous when I tried out some of the Algebra stuff, but I did pretty well. I guess I do remember a few things after all!

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