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My kids love audiobooks and stories so we were excited to review the Brinkman Adventures audios for The Brinkman Adventures Season 2: Episodes 13-24.  These were perfect for our recent road trip to visit grandparents!

Brinkman Adventures Review
What is it?
The Brinkman Adventures series is family-friendly listening adventure stories.  We found that our kids ages 6 and above were the biggest fans of these audios.  And for some of the more intense stories, we found that they were best for our oldest who is 8.

These stories were created by a homeschool family who collects inspiring missionary stories for their blog.  The family retells these stories inside of adventures that are partial fiction and partial fact.  Each episode is filled with adventures, family fun, missionary stories, and Biblical truth. 

The Brinkman Adventures Season 2: Episodes 13-24 includes multiple stories of the families new adventures.  In the first series the family is en route to Belize to take a bus to a missionary there who runs a school – in a tree house, no less!  The family has a few adventurous detours, transports cantankerous chickens, and a visits a tree house school.  The next set of stories takes place in a jungle where the family stays with a missionary family in Central America and searches for pirate treasure.  In later adventures the family learns how one groups of missionaries rescues children who are slaves of sapphire mines.  The last few adventures take the family to Middle Eastern countries and even to France to explore a castle.  All the missionary stories are based on true accounts even though names and places may be changed for protection of the missionaries or the local people mentioned in the stories. 

Brinkman Adventures Review

How did we use this product?
I received this product as an MP3 download.  I put it on all our iPods so we could listen in the car or the kids could listen in their rooms.  We found ourselves listening to a new adventure each time we were in the car.  Soon my kids each had a favorite adventure from Season 2.

Curly’s favorite story was Blue Hat and T-Shirt Bible.  In this episode some missionaries are searching for Christians in China to help them plant new underground churches.  Their flight is cancelled and the train is full so they cannot get into the region where they are trying to look for Christians.  Through a miraculous event they are able to board the train as VIP’s and travel to the region.  They find a woman who is a persecuted Christian and longs for a Bible.  God works another miracle and the men find another missionary who is traveling with Bibles.  They are able to piece together a Bible for the woman and use an old T-shirt as the cover.

Tiger’s favorite episodes were How Big Is Your God?  In the two parts of this episode the family is staying with a missionary family in Galveston, Texas.  They are traveling with a bus to deliver to a missionary who runs a school in Belize but take a short detour to visit with the family in Texas.  While in Texas, the kids have many adventures that include taking a boat out on the water and getting trapped.  In between their adventures, the missionary family tells the Brinkman’s of their many adventures overseas. 

As we listened in the car, I found myself wrapped up in the adventures and often had to put all the sound in the back or I couldn’t focus on my driving.  My husband and I enjoyed these adventures and missionary stories.  

What did we think?
Some of the stories were about children being used as slaves in sapphire mines.  The story was presented from the perspective of the children who were often not given food or were beaten.  While this is a sad truth that occurs in present day, it was difficult listening for my younger crowd and my children who are more on the sensitive side.  The story includes a dramatic rescue with lots of gunfire.  This story put my son in tears.  The stories about the mines and subsequent stories did include a warning for younger listeners.  I agree wholeheartedly with this warning and feel that these stories were better suited to an older audience. 

The story that was about pirate treasure was exciting and a little intense.  It included being chased with guns and trying to find treasure in an underground cavern that was filling with water.  It was also intense.  By the end of the story the listener learns that the story was a dream of one of the children, but it was quite intense for my kids.

In one of the stories the Brinkman father and one of the sons are working on a beehive.  The dad is stung multiple times and needs a trip to the ER for Epi pens.  The story includes a description of the dad’s head looking like a pumpkin and his lips being very swollen.  When the kids see the dad as he leaves the ER they laugh hysterically at how he looks and how he talks through his swollen lips (which sounds a lot like Daffy Duck).  I’m giving you fair warning that the Mama Bear in me is about to come out – but my child suffers from life threatening food allergies.  I’ve seen her looking just like this dad is survived and it was a life threatening situation.  It’s not funny in the least.  So, I had a really difficult time listening to that portion of the story. 

Throughout the stories, the Brinkman’s include Bible verses or lessons in morality.  I loved how they related their stories to Biblical truths and took every opportunity to point the listener to Christ.  The picturesque stories told by the Brinkman family were perfect illustrations of many Bible parables and the included Bible verses were so well placed in the stories. 

The missionary stories in the first episodes about the missionary family who lives in Texas but ministered in China were our favorite ones.  My kids were thrilled to hear how they searched for Christians in China and even provided one woman with a Bible of her very own.  The story included how God intervened and helped the missionary board the train into China and then locate a Bible within the country.  This story gave us all goosebumps.  It was incredible and inspiring to hear the story of miracles! 

The family is a wonderful family who is giving, kind, and caring.  I loved how they interacted with each other with respect and love.  The siblings relationships modeled through the stories was sweet to hear and the family was a wonderful example of generosity and compassion. 

My wrap up!
I loved the first few stories of this season.  The missionary stories were heartwarming and convicting.  Hearing how the Lord provided and worked miracles in the lives of the missionaries as they spread the Gospel absolutely gave me chills.  My children and I were enthralled as we listened.

Some of the later episodes were too intense for the young ages of my children.  They were also topics that were difficult to discuss with my children and I have to say I wasn’t quite ready to discuss the topic of child slavery with the starvation and the beatings.  These episodes were very sobering and evoked some tough conversations at our house. 

So, while we loved many of the stories and were thrilled with the amount of history, geography, cultural information, and Biblical truth that we learned, I have to caution listeners to make sure all the topics are appropriate for their children.  My children found some of the stories to be scary.  I plan to put these aside until my children are a little older and can better handle the topics in the stories.  In the future I know we’ll really enjoy the missionary stories of faith around the world. 

More info…..
The Brinkman Adventures operates on a donation basis.  The set includes 4 CD’s which includes 12 episodes and 5 + hours of listening pleasure
The suggested price is $25.00.
The suggested price for the MP3 download is $17.00.

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