{Homeschool Dad, CEO} Day 1 – Hiring Process

This post is part of a 5 part series about homeschooling from a dad’s perspective and my husband’s role in our homeschool.  You can read each day in the series here:


Help Wanted: Homeschool CEO Needed
Must love to learn and enjoy reading.  Must be great at math and science, since I am most certainly not.  Must be willing to attend homeschool conventions and help choose curricula.  Must be encouraging and enthusiastic about homeschooling.  Must love kids, books, art, music, and teaching.

This was what I was looking for, and when I met my hubby I was sure I had found the real deal.

But let me back up a little bit….

I’ve talked about my decision to be homeschooled.  And if we’re being completely honest this homeschool adventure was solely my idea.  I was homeschooled in high school and loved the experience, so I decided that if I ever had kids, I would absolutely homeschool them.  There were no questions about it!

When we got married I told my husband about my grand ideas and he dismissed them entirely.  In his mind we did not yet have children and weren’t planning to for many more years.  He couldn’t fathom why we needed to have this conversation right then or at any time in the near future.  In his mind, this crazy homeschool conversation could wait.

Of course, he didn’t realize how very seriously (and maybe somewhat personally) I was taking this decision.  I had no doubt that homeschooling was perfect for our hypothetical children and I was determined to convince him in any way I could.  So, in addition to bringing up the homeschool conversation on occasion, I even took him with me to a few homeschool conventions so he could have his mind make up for him.

Despite his dismissive attitude and lukewarm reception of my enthusiastic homeschool talks, I kept dropping hints.  I brought up homeschooling whenever I could and I forced myself to listen to his thoughts and concerns.  I prayed over the decision and prayed that he would have a change of heart.  I realized that I could not force homeschooling on my husband.  No, I wanted a partner in this endeavor and one who would be comfortable stepping up and taking the lead.

So, I changed my tactics slightly.  I kept talking up the “homeschool thing” but I spent my time doing my own research.  I researched statistics, curricula, homeschool methods, learning challenges, and learning styles.   I shared what I learned with my husband who was slowly becoming more interested.  I found some other homeschool families that we could meet to ask questions and to see how homeschooling worked for them.  I asked him questions and waited for his answers and then tried to understand his perspective.

One day my husband brought up homeschooling.  That was a switch!  He talked about his education experiences growing up and attending public school.  He never felt he had a well-rounded education.  In fact, he would describe his education experience as very poor.  My husband was never encouraged to learn and in fact developed a distaste for learning and a hatred for reading books.  He felt his entire education had left him unprepared for college and higher education.

That day he told me he wanted something different for our children and he knew that the only people who could support, encourage, inspire, and truly educate them would be the two of us.  He wanted their education to rest in our hands because we had such a vested interest in the outcome.  He was ready to dive in and call ourselves homeschoolers – well at least potential homeschoolers.

I was thrilled and couldn’t wait to start planning.  I sent off for every curricula catalog I could find and planned to attend another homeschool convention.  I could not wait to learn alongside my children.

Ohh, and by this time, the “children” thing was no longer hypothetical.  Right after our second wedding anniversary we had a fun surprise – we were expecting our first little person who would turn out to be our homeschool guinea pig.

It was the moment of truth.  Had I found my amazing homeschool CEO?  I certainly thought so!  He was still wavering on the fence…..
Come by tomorrow to read if he accepted the offer of homeschool CEO and what moment finally pushed him off the fence.

This week I’ve been blogging about homeschooling from a dad’s perspective and my husband’s role in our homeschool.  You can read each day in my 5 day series here:
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  1. Hi Lexi! I am one of your fellow crew members and group 7 bloggers…would appreciate if you would add our small group list to your post! I enjoyed reading about the beginning of your homeschool journey and I look forward to hearing the rest of the story! Blessings, Dawn @ Guiding Light Homeschool

  2. I'm a little behind this morning and am working on finishing everything up. I'll also work on reading through posts and sharing them tonight. Monday is our very busy day! 🙂

  3. My husband helps out with science and math, too, which is good because those are definitely not my strong points. Can wait to read more about the role your husband plays in homeschool.

  4. My husband and I were educated through the public school system and we didn't see the need to look into homeschooling until my kids became school aged. Now with 10+ yrs of homeschooling under our belt we couldn't see our lives without it. I've been truly blessed to have my hubby alongside me from the beginning and he has schooled my children in math for years.. Look forward to reading more this week..

  5. "I realized that I could not force homeschooling on my husband. No, I wanted a partner in this endeavor and one who would be comfortable stepping up and taking the lead."

    ^^I. love. that. SO much!! Can't wait to read tomorrow's post!

  6. Thanks! It has been fun to sit down and talk to him and hear all of his thoughts on homeschooling. I've learned so much from him and it was helpful to understand his perspective. We have loved how it has changed our family. Even though it's a lot of work, we're excited to continue homeschooling!

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